When is the update?


It most likely won't be.


No one has said the MD-11 will be included in this update.


This sounds terrifying.😨


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No, this does not mean it is coming with global at all. It means it will be a great aircraft to fly in global and will be a great addition.


Do you ever think about things being released shortly after global? I noticed you tend to think that it will be released alongside global. Quite a few people on this forum are fixated on a certain phrase and automatically assume that there cannot be any other possibilities. Like Brandon said,

Please help us all out and think about what you're going to post and how it is relevant to the thread at hand. It saves everyone the headache from reading your posts. Thanks. 😉


So what will happen if you're offline?, will you have the old regions offline or will you be left with a portion of an area of the last location you were at?


Read the entire post. It's been answered...


I'll answer it once again 😉

You won't be able to use Global without connection (Offline) as the upcoming Global uses streaming which requires a connection. A system similar like when we open Google Maps currently. In other words, you will stick into the old regions but it may be enlarged abit if you play it by offline 😉


I meant: to stop reading the topic, use the mute button 😉


I made a search for this but could not find it anywhere in any forum.

This update of the database. Is this including seasons. I now in Google earth that when the satellite makes a new rotation that it also changes the imagery with season. Some time you will get a summer image and sometime a fall or winter image (basically bare trees) When you update will your image will it also show a change with the seasons?


I have Topo Maps+ on my iphone for hiking and it also has a Satellite Map option from it map list. Yes it does update and will have different season (maybe not always the season you are currently in) when the image is updated. Which can be strange as one state could be in fall with bare trees and the state next to it is in summer with full green trees. Just was wondering if they are using a similar software for images.


None of that has been revealed publicly as of yet. We'll see :)


Best just say nothing!


Thank you, we need to get back on topic instead of talking about things unrelated to global.


I'm so excited for this update it feels like summer is going to take forever until it's here.😩😀


Well summer technically starts on June 20th (Northern hemisphere)


Yeah, I'm not saying it to you.
They said it'll be done when it's done. Just wait for it! 👍🏻


Nice , just , in africa , western sahara is moroccan 😉.


Put us the community to work. This will expedite the process. Upon releasing the update. most of us users will quickly find bugs and thus will report them back to you.