When is the update?


We don’t know that :).


As with any updates for any type of game, Os update, etc, low end devices will suffer.

But if you read the main post, as I’m sure you did, you will know that they are trying to optimize IF for lower end devices.

Dont be so rash with assumptions.


Don’t worry. FDS knows what they’re doing!✈️👍🏻


In your “What is Global” I saw an image “pic 08” of a C-130. Is this image a 15m or 500m resolution a Low/Medium Quality image. I am curios to see if you can make out landmarks at or below 3000ft.

Thank you


What is the current resolution of the regions?


As regards to the actual airports, EGJA (Alderny) and EGJJ (Jersey) have been completed. I will get round to doing the EGJB (Guernsey) runway extension and taxiway extension as soon as possible, and the runway extension at EGHF (Isles of Scilly St Mary’s Airport), but currently those two airports aren’t in a good state :(


Current regions do not use satellite imagery in the same way that the upcoming update will, so you can’t really assign a resolution to it.


Maybe this has been requested already, but a side screen like Netflix would make this much easier when flying 2hours I think.


This is not the place for endless feature requests. And this has already been requested;


If you’d like to request a feature, make a post for it m8! Get that support going!
Kinda silly to bring up a closed request, no?

Now back on topic.


its not a closed request

I agree with some people that this topic should be closed.


Agreed, they’ve already stated why they wont tell you and people will just continue to ask.


Weird, it had the lock on it when I took a look


Another option to closing this thread is to simply stop reading it…


Lol, well I can just imagine pilots and ATC pulling multiple all nighters when this project’s estimated (still highly speculative) release time is fully out, kudos to the Devs and those in the background making an effort to bring a wonderful realistic sim scaled down to the mobile platform for us. Cheers


Or use the mute button. The topic would be helpful staying open so newbies can pop in and see if their question has been answered (not about the release date).


That should not have to be the solution. 😒


That sounds scary lol.


This topic is about global not the MD-11.


Sorry about that. MD 11 will be part of this update and I though it would be appropriate to put it on this topic :)