When is the update?


I'm not sure but I think this is exactly going to happen. At least we are going to have LNAV which will enable your plane to follow the FPL you set pre-flight.


I've heard different stories, but the latest one I've heard is that it will be the same as it is now, but when your unavailable to contact ATC, somehow they will know that your unavailable and any commands they give will go to autopilot. (dont quote me on that)


You can just take your device, fly 30 mins, activate LNAV and leave it then. The estimated landing time is there anyway in the status bar.


I think what he wants to know (and me too) is if you exit the screen (let's say to text or call someone) will you dissapear like you do now or will there be a message above your name saying "AFK or "Away" etc


I think he does mean this, but I also think he means that when we go to bed, the device will shut off , like turn off , will it still fly :)


I'd prefer if the device has to keep running. Otherwise we have 99% ghost aircraft in the air.


I have 2 GBS of ram!


I found an instagram picture from the past with rounded user icons? I haven't seen this on the community and I don't know if it is confirmed or not.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/p/BPJMoWdB96G/


@philippe Is after global flight update, an update that updates the airports (which people can make)???


The Airport editors do this job, they are the reason that global will be so great


I'm pretty sure this is a photoshop


Not really, what they do is make the airports look good.


center will not be in global at first


Do you know how hard that is to do? lol


Actually, not that hard. The basic structure for it is already there if you think about it. The latest vectors from ATC are already stored on the pilot side (it's displayed together with the A/P controls).


Getting the A/C to recognize and follow the command was what I was thinking was going to be hard, and also time consuming. But you've got a point


With LNAV being confirmed and all, i think it's easier than you might think. :)


Cool, you've got a point, we'll just wait and see!


We had this idea as well but I don't think it would work unless we do the simulation on the server since the things you can run when an app is in the background are very limited. This wouldn't be an easy change.

Global Background App Running

This might sound stupid but will the UK islands be in global
(Please don't go mad I'm just not sure)