When is the update?


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All of the simulators on the mobile platform have different features that are all relatively nice. X-Plane has working cockpits and realistic systems, but painfully small regions. Aerofly 2 has nice graphics, (Although with Global Flight, I imagine that will change. ) yet takes up a huge amount of space. The point is that all of the sims have different features that are valuable for the user. If you want working cockpits, go with X-Plane and so on. I think most of us on this forum can agree that Infinite Flight gives us the full circle. It has nice models, Live, and this forum. It gives us a little bit of everything. I like Infinite Flight the best because of how involved they allow everyone to be. This forum is a really nice way for users to communicate, and for new users to get help with problems they may have. And the sim itself, of course is a win for me. (Live takes the cake!) And with global coming, it’ll take it to a different level.

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Additionally, also don’t forget Infinite Flight’s unique killer feature of offering an API which enables add-ons! The sky is the limit for functionality us third party devs can create ourselves!


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Very important thing about global:

Does FDS has any ideas how ATC will work when global is out? Like controlling in different airports at the same time (ex: I am controlling in all airports in France at the same time ). Or do we will have the same system that we currently have?
I am worried about this cause we do not have thousands of ATCs to be able to cover the globe…


It will be the same; ppl tend to fly where there is service and we already have a good system to easily find open towers.


Ok, we will have to wait and see how it will work out when global is out. You are doing an amazing job with Infinite Flight. Thank you and keep doing the great work!


Hi philippe, i just have one question about this topic or another one subject. The airport and the airplane will be always payable ? So, my question is the next airport will be available for free or not? Lmfao and the atc will be change? Sorry i begin this flight simulator and i agree this beautiful simulation! It’s so beautiful! Thanks u so much for this game! maybe i’ll buy a subscription for one years lmfao. Right now, i bought just per month. Thank you 🤤


I played x plane alot when I was younger, the 9 version was good, had many planes inludimg the xb-70, but regions only had one major airport and now you only get 2 planes without paying


I will answer this on behalf of Philippe. The next aircraft will probably be the MD11/DC10, which will most likely be paid. I’m not sure what you mean about the next airports being paid. This link may help

The ATC will stay similar, but with a few necessary changes needed due to the new features.


What settings is your aircraft on? You should see some sort of blades on the highest quality.


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Awesome cant wait to play tje Global Update ;)


Thats a bit hypocritical don’t you think? You said we should stop having opinions, yet you clearly stated you were making one.


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Hi @philippe, I have seen on the map that you covered Kenya, however the statement did not mention Kenya. My question, is Kenya covered in this update? Thank you.


The map does show Kenya as being included but it not explicitly included in the list below. I didn’t get a chance to double check but it should be included.


Hi @philippe, will there be an update when the app begins Beta testing ?


We will do our very best to keep you updated with any progress.


@philippe I have an idea that You can turn off your device and your plane will continue to fly.

Eg Let’s say you start a flight from SYD to LAX at 8pm. You have a flight plan and then you put the plane on route to LAX. You turn off your IPad and then, at 10am the following day a nofication will appear that the plane is nearing the Destination. You turn on your IPad and you land the plane.

This will stop the urge to be up for 14hrs staring at a screen.

If ATC gives you a Vector and the IPad is off, the A/P will just follow what ATC said and reply.