When is the update?


They are still decent cockpits, just not as good as some others!


Xplane and aerofly work on my device and they well detailed cockpits and a very beautiful night glow.


Check this out then...

Give it a vote and they´ll rework it even sooner.

The 737 cockpit is not too bad IMO. Sure, it´s not as high quality as the 787's but there are working thrust/flap/spoiler levers and 3D switches...


If you want a cool looking cockpit, limited areas, and not nearly as many planes, use X-Plane or Aerofly. The developers are working their butts off to make global amazing. I think the cockpits in the 737 and A-380 are quite amazing actually.


Look outside the cockpit. That's where the real beauty is!


Does Thailand feature the 15 metre satellite imagery? Or will it be included at a later stage? Thanks


True dat mate. But do me one favour - dont add too many new things and forget about the old ones. Make sure to get everything on a certain level before adding new content - think about the CRJ200, Airbusses ( 330,40,80), Boeings ( 757,767) and these kind of things as well. It surely will be awkward flying with an A10 from the 1900s in such a stunning environment that you made possible. Just increase the standard of older "items", money wont be too much of an issue for the next year after the update I guess ;)
I love what you do guys !


Should've read the post a bit more carefully.


I remember a time where the 737 cockpit was one of the best. The A320 rework really set the bar high for future cockpits! As you said, its not too bad, but its still great to see how FDS is constantly pushing the envelope.


Might be able to crash into my house ;p just kidding don't do that


You can definitely see your house:) it's satellite imagery like google maps 😉👌


Yes I know, it's basically google maps flight sim (doesn't exist)


Actually there is google death flight sim. It's on the google earth program on PC. It is kinda trash though 😂


Yes it's the sim implanted in Google Earth. I've tried it and It is trash


As I recall from their podcast of annual meet-up in S.F., the guy on the far left said that you can only fly as far as the amount of fuel your plane actually holds.



Okay the backlash too your comment is a bit harsh some of the old cockpits are sorry to say horrible and even the new ones are not near to some X-Plane 10 mobile and all Aerofly 2 iOS.


He can have opinion he can say if he does not like the cockpits


Have your opinion some where else, no one here wants to hear it.


The c130 is awful...