When is the update?


Have you all considered heat issues too? My iPad Air 2 starts getting warm after a little while, wondering how devices have fared after hours of continuous game play.


All iPads get warm, it’s completely normal so don’t worry. If it overheats it turns off automatically to cool down which is extremely rare


Mobile devices are not exactly designed for that kind of workload for long periods. Sure, it shuts down, but that’s not exactly good for it. If you had a pc, you’d install some kind of high perf cooling system to deal with that. Yeah, it gets warm. But it’s also stopping every 30 to 40 minutes. Longest I’ve played is two hours and it started getting hot to the touch.


Trust me, IOS devices won’t be affected. I use my device regularly and have done from the very first iPad. It has only ever happened once and never since and seeing as the testers can fly it’s really not an issue in my opinion


Yes, well I’ve owned many devices as well, and I have had issues with some devices and heating. I’d like to hear from the actual developers thanks.


I’ve had zero issues doing long flights.


Easiest fix, in my opinion, for this in any application is to lower the brightness.


When the devs say summer, does it mean like school year summer (so around late may or early June) or do they meant like the summer solstice (June 20)?


It means the season summer.


It’s not that specific. Just summer. Don’t get hung up on a specific date, and once again. It’s highly speculative.


My kindle runs if perfect in the highest graphics and never overheats


Am wondering how we are going to cope with awful cockpits during these long flights.


awful, really? a bit harsh don’t you think? Granted our cockpits don’t have animated instruments, but they are very accurate and high quality… are you playing with low settings?


I agree, that is harsh. Look at all the hard work you guys put into cockpits like the 787 and the C130, which both look great.


Infinite Flight’s cockpits are just fine. But if that doesn’t do it for you, some of the stunning scenery that’s coming with global will.


No one is going to be looking inside. 😉


I’m still surprised the game work on my phone much less how the cockpit looks. I mean fds has done something pretty amazing getting this type of sim on a mobile platform.

However, maybe you could specify which aircraft are in need of a cockpit rework if you want all the planes to have the same quality as the 787-10


He means the 757 777 cockpits etc


Not the newer planes… how you feel about the 737, A380 etc.


If you put the quality to very high they Will look nice too.