When is the update?


It's why the iPhone 7Plus has over 2x the single core score over the S8, everything works faster


Now I am really happy that I decided to buy iPhone 7 Plus with 128GB of memory. It will be excited fun to enjoy the global release.

I hope the performance of iPhone 7+ will allow me to render on high quality and still have a good performance.

And like many say here, even if final launch may still slip, we are all excited this project's launch date is coming in sight now!!! Many thanks for sharing...

Looking forward


I assume you mean storage hahaha. I believe the iPhone 7 Plus has 3GB of RAM, which should be more than enough to run global smoothly. :)


I have an Ipad mini 2, it has 1GB of RAM.


@philippe, I totally forgot to ask this. What do you mean by "pretty well"? Does a device which is pretty well according to you have the following problems? (I dread the problems I am mentioning in the following lines)

  1. It gets uncomfortable to hold due to heating up of the tab
  2. Lag with high quality for all objects when going in Live with heavy traffic


Hey Philippe, with such a big update like global, I would like to know the possibility of the device overheating as we leave the app on for an extended period of time. Also, what is the progress of the low power consumption feature?


I do have questions. I understand that it will be more expensive than live+ but with those of us that already have live+, will there be a system in place to be able to switch over? will we have to wait til our live+ runs out in order to purchase global?


so floating airports? Awesome! Wouldn't want to overrun the runway then!


They already stated that, if your battery is low (10-15%) the app will automatically adjust the frame rate to prevent overheating(?).


This is still work in progress; I personally am not a fan of this option since it will lead to tons of support requests from ppl asking "why is my device running slow suddenly?"


The iPhone 7 runs everything at the highest quality at this point. 128GB is storage which is not really our concern here.


True, or change it that if so, the app would decrease some settings.. something along those lines would work..


Philippe, The design of 3D buildings and landmarks will be exclusive for developers or are you planning on doing the same thing you did with global airports (volunteer normal players)?


More information about new features will be announced when these features have been confirmed. There isn't any information to share about that at this point.


I'm not sure if this has been asked before, and last time I asked I wasnt really satisfied with how.....incomplete..... the answer was.
Especially for Alpha testers, how do you fly long haul (ex:LHR-JFK) without ruining your device baterry?


Isn't the answer pretty obvious?

It's called a charger, which normally comes with the device when you buy it ;)


Yeah, but my question is how do you avoid ruining your battery?
unless it doesn't actually ruin your battery (though I'm pretty sure it does)


Why should it ruin my battery? It's not old NiCd-batteries in the devices anymore. They can handle being charged 24/7 without being destroyed. Unless it's a Samsung Note 7.


Well then.... I guess I'll have to do a bit of reaserch to fact-check what you are saying ;)

its not that I don't believe you, its that its better to get some reliable sources to say the same


Seb's the most reliable person ever...

Anyway I think you guys will really look forward to this update. Lots of new places to see and flights to fly. Can't wait to see some of you up in the skies!