What's your local airport?


Van Nuys airport


The closes local airport I live near is RDU (Raleigh-Durham) international airport. It is approximatey an hour flight between Raleigh and Charlotte (Charlotte Douglas international).-North Carolina


mines Brisbane INT (YBBN, BNE). About 30min drive


He changed the picture from before. Now the picture is JFK but previously it wasn't.


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Washington Dulles or IAD


RDM then I moved so now SMF


I flew into KBUR today and passed right over there!


Sydney kings ford smith international


JOG/WAHH airport
(before was WIIJ, WARJ)


Mine is Geraldton Airport. About 2 mins drive away. I see all departures and arrivals from my farm. Beautiful view in the summer.


Mine is YPPH, PERTH, WA I live 20mins away from the airport


Norwich International Airport 😎


You live in Norwich?😱


A few miles outside 😁


Mine is KDCA (Ronald Regan International Airport). It is about 20 minutes away.


My local airport is Cgk. Btw @SingaporeAirlines i can see planes taking off and landing at halim from my apartment


My local airport is LSZH aka Zurich Airport.


Live 10 minute drive from Liverool John Lennon Airport UK Home of the Beatles YE YE YE