What's your local airport?


I’ve got Biggin Hill 10 minutes drive away and then I’m in the middle of LHR and LGW as well, so when holidaying we can choose between the two!


I live 2 hours away from VHHH. So is less likely to see planes over my house


KSFO , then EHAM



My nearest airport is Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai


BWI about 30mins depending on the traffic


Glasgow Airport, EGPF


KMSP (international) is a 30ish minute drive from me. KFCM (regional/municipal) is a 25/30 minute drive.


My nearest is LEBL Barcelona El Prat Airport it’s like 10mins away by car.


KEWR is about an hour from me. Just so happen to be driving by this morning and got these shots from I95!


Hahaha, i just did this same thing yesterday passing by KEWR. I deleted the pics and only kept videos of a few arrivals and departures but we aren’t able to upload on the forum I suppose.


I love driving 95 north bound as theyre approaching, its awesome. You drive along side them for their entire final approach, you can’t ask for more. These are actually screenshots from a video i took lol. It wouldn’t let me post the video either.


KSNA John Wayne or Orang County/Santa Ana. Oh BTW, the military airports nearby, KNTK and KNZJ (Tustin and El Toro MCAS) are no longer airports. They are homes and a great park. just FYI


These 2 Air Stations are in SoCal again near KSNA.

El Toro (KNTK MCAS) before and after:

Tustin (KNZJ MCAS) before and after:


I’m near 3.

JFK (John F. Kennedy Airport) (@RTG113)

LGA (LaGuardia Airport)

EWR (Newark Liberty International Airport)

Btw just a fact, it’s not NEWR because the N is only used at the front of a airport code name for Naval Bases ;).


Live 15 min from Minneapolis/St. Paul Intl. Arpt. Used to be able to get everywhere with NWA, but no longer :(


Jeddah , King Abdul Aziz International Airport “OEJN”


KLAN is my local airport it has passenger service but it’s mostly a GA airport… but KDTW is a hour and a half East and KGRR is 45 min west


The pic at the top isn’t JFK


I also don’t think EWR is a naval base/station at all, I don’t even think they have jets stationed there lol.


They don’t that’s why they’re EWR not NEWR