What's your local airport?


I just noticed that your profile pic is the same pic of your local airport LOL (Cute Doge BTW)


Hey! I'm not the only one.


Temindung Regional Airport (WALS) & Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman International Airport (WALL)


I am 3 miles from KBWI. Planes landing on 10 and taking off 28 fly right over the house...


30mins drive from WSSS and f-15s and f-16s occasionally fly above me into WSAT


I currently live in Boulder Colorado. Just 40 minutes away from Denver International Airport (KDEN) (Mentioned above) ;). Cool thing is my house is right under a flight route for departing planes. West coast bound planes typically pass over my house. I can usually hear them even though they are at around 14000 ft. Every time I hear one, I need to track it down on Flightradar 24 :)


Are you live in jakarta


The closest airport is halim perdana kusuma but i never been there before usualy my flight is in soekarno hatta internasional airport


Yes, I'm an Indonesian and a Jakarta citizen ;)

Apa Kabar? ;)


My closest airport is Dubai International...


LSZH, Zurich Airport


I live 5NM from Rijeka Airport (LDRI), which is located on the island of Krk, but as this airport is used only by charter and low cost companies during the summer season, I never used it. For my flights I use Zagreb (LDZA) and Trieste (LIPQ), 2h from my home.


This is a trap guys, the poster just wants to know where you live ;)


I live less than 1km from Archerfield (YBAF) which is quite a large GA airport that I do Air Cadets at. I live about half an hours drive from Brisbane International (YBBN), an hours drive from Coolangatta International (YBCG) and 90 minutes from Sunshine Coast Airport (YBSU). So I do a fair bit of spotting!


My nearest airstrip is Abergavenny, which is about 10 miles (16km) away from me - doesn't have tower operations. Nearest commerical would be Cardiff (CWL) or Bristol (BRS). Both are equidistant from me and Bristol is in final stages of a renovation including a new hotel which is great. Both fab airports to fly out of.


Mildura Airport (YMIA) which is 4NM (7.4km) away.
(Yeah I know, I live in a boring looking place :P)


I live between Rose's Field, a grass strip in Orient, NY and Mattituck, a single paved strip in... uh... Mattituck, NY. It just closed last year. :(

Closest active GA field is Gabresky (KFOK) in Westhampton, NY. Also home to the 106th Rescue Wing of the Air National Guard. Awesome C130's fly out of there!

Even closer is the Calverton Executive Air Park which is the former home of Grumman Aerospace and their F-14 Tomcats. Grumman is long gone but it recently was announced to be the new home of Luminati Aerospace. May see some action there soon!

For commercial, I prefer Islip, NY (KISP) 50 minutes away. KJFK in New York is second choice but an hour and a half away.


It takes about 30 minutes to get to the airport I always use when I fly. Seattle Tacoma International (KSEA).


MaxSez: GA: KFMY (Page Field), Commercial KRSW, (SW Florida Int), Fort Myers, Fl. In the pattern both, 15min drive time both.


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