What's your local airport?


Y51 is about three quarters of a mile from my house and the typical downwind leg is over my backyard. KLSE for commercial but in reality I drive to KMSP or KMKE for better fares with airlines I like.


Got this from my home’s viccinity. I always see planes flying at around FL018 from my house if they are using 07R/07L traffic


YMML, Melbourne Australia


KSJU-Luis Muñoz Int in San Juan, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 The Caribbean !



I live 30 minutes from groningen airport eelde EHGG


YSSY and Camden. Camden for flight training but Sydney is the closest.


I live 5-10 mins away from Abu Dhabi international…and 5-10 mins away from Al Bateen airport(Abu Dhabi executive airport)


I live like 45 mins away from KLIA but the airport near my house is Subang airport. Firefly and Malindo air are based here.


I actually have a few airports around me, the closest being Albert-Whitted. (KSPG) The next is St. Pete Clearwater International. (KPIE) The big boy is Tampa International. (KTPA) We also have Macdill here. (KMCF) Jets make their turn right over my house on their approach to KTPA.


Well I have about 2-3.
BWI( Baltimore Washington International)
National (In DC)
Lee Air Port small but good enough for watching the planes take off from.2 miles from my house.
Really fun watching the small air craft and beginner pilots learn.


I live 1 hour to the east of ENHD (Haugesund airport, Karmøy - HAU) and two hours to the north of ENZV (Stavanger airport, Sola - SVG).


I live 3hr far from AUH (Ruwais)


Jacksonville International Airport, KJIA, in Florida.


DFW. It’s also my favorite as it holds memories :)


You have a really beautiful dog. What breed is he/she?

Anyway, I live a few miles from Heathrow and also a few miles from Pardubice Airport when I’m in the Czech Republic :)


The nearest to me is Biella Airfield (Italy), where I m studying but I’m 40 kilometers far from Turin Caselle Airport and 150 from Milan Malpensa Airport MXP


Zurich international, LSZH/ZRH


My closest airport is EDDH (Hamburg Int’l airport). I also have a cool little GA airport about 12km from my house.


KLGA or KJFK in New York and KRUQ in North Carolina!


McCarley Field (U02) In Blackfoot Idaho as the most local
But the city next to blackfoot Idaho falls would be Idaho Falls Regional airport (KIDA)