What's your local airport?


KLIT,KSRC,KADF Are my home airports


KLGA (NY - La Guardia) is the closest. Would be a very quick drive if it wasn't for all of the traffic😡


Hamad International Airport
Doha Qatar

10 minutes away

Source: http://botschaft-katar.de/en/tourism/hamad-international-airport/


KBJC, KDEN, & KAPA with Metro being the closest based on proximity.


My local airport is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa international KTUL. It's about 2 mins from my house!


My local airport is EFIV, Ivalo Airport. Its the northernmost airport of Finland.
I live about 45 mins north of it.


JFK is about 15 min away from me and La Gaurdia is about 20


I'm about 10 minutes away from DCA ( Ronald Reagan Washington national airport). Beautiful airport


AM i the only one who lives near KDSM (Des Moines int'l airport)


The nearest airport for me is Geneve-Cointrin Airport (Geneva/GVA/LSGG)


nearest airport for me is LEMD Madrid Barajas. 15 min from it


Meadows Field, and Bakersfield Municipal Airport
Meadows Field serves Frontier, United Express, and a tiny list of airlines.


Airports near me are London City Airport which is around 20-25 minutes away
Heathrow which is 45-55minutes away depending on traffic.
Stansted is 35 minutes away and Luton is 40 minutes away


My home airport is ETNL! Rostock-Laage


My local one is also HPN!


Dallas/Ft.Worth Airport.


A very small airport: Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport, EFKK or KOK.
The airport has a 2500m long runway and also a 700m one.
Only two airlines are operating: One from Helsinki: Nordic Regional Airlines or Norra (Owned by Finnair) which use ATR 72-500s'.
The second one is from Stockholm: NextJet and they fly to EFKK with a Saab 340.


Yea, it's local to @Pilotmaster2129 as well :)


KLAX, KSNA, and KLGB. I live in between those airports. The closest to me is John Wayne (KSNA), but I fly out of Los Angeles International more than Long Beach (KLGB) and John Wayne.


London Heathrow. Love seeing all the planes flying over your head!