What's your local airport?


Centennial Airport (KAPA) is closest to me, about 20-30 minutes, and Denver International (KDEN) is about 60-ish minutes away. PS @Infinite.flight if you ever happen to go to Centenial for some reason be sure to eat at The Perfect Landing restaurant, their burritos are incredibley good.


My local airport is KFNT in flint which is only ten minutes away but KDTW is only 90 minutes away


My local airport is Kaunas international (EYKA) in lithuania, tho its still 20 km away or a 25-30 min drive. I live on the other side of a river and theres no direct bridge to the airport so i have to drive a wide circle around the river to the airport.


My currently active local airport is about 10 minutes away by automobile from my location and that is KVAY [(South Jersey Regional Airport)] (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Jersey_Regional_Airport)…


It’s all about the Southampton (EGHI)


My local airport is ?$&@


My local airport is LCY (London City Airport). It’s about a 15 minute drive. Where I live, you see aircraft performing tight bank angles for the final approach at a couple thousand feet whilst aircraft landing into Heathrow (40 minute drive) at flying overhead at 4000ft. I’ve been working at Heathrow for last 6 years and it’s like my second home


Newark Liberty International Airport


I live very close to CYTR/8 Wing Trenton, Canada’s largest Air Force base!


My local airport right now is KHPN. I live about 10 minutes away ;).


My local airport is KIND (Indianapolis International Airport).😊✈️👍🏻


Denver (KDEN) Im sure a lot of people on this fourm is based in Denver :)


KAPA Centennial Airport is about 8 minutes away. KDEN Denver International Airport is about 40-45 minutes away. 😎


Wilson airport(HKNW/WIL) 15 mins from my home
Kenyatta Intl(HKJK/NBO) 40 mins with no traffic


Barcelona el Prat, LEBL


Porto Velho International Airport (SBPV), RONDÔNIA -BRASIL


I live 3 miles out and on the localiser of runway 26L-08R at KMIA, aircraft fly right above my house all the time lol.


Rocky Mountain (KBJC) is about 15 minutes to the east, Boulder Muni (KBDU) 20 min north, with KDEN about 50 or so minutes to the east.


EGTK, Oxford Kidlington in Oxford England. A large GA airport that can handle up to a 737


Before it was Abu Dhabi Al Bateen Executive Airport. 20 mins away. Now it is Tambaram Air force Base in Chennai. No idea how far it is.