What is your longest flight in IF?


EZE to AMS. 12h and 12 minutes in a KLM B777-300ER.


Like I said, pre global


Longest global flight for me now upped to 18hr 50mins. Was planning 20hrs but tailwinds were quite strong


I did a 13 hour flight from Rome to Mexico City a few days ago. The head winds were crazy over the atlantic!


So this is how it feels to be beat? Asking for a friend… 😎😂


Glad you were able to feel my pain. 😏


If the pushback glitch still works in global you could get like 300 hours straight or something.


Rome to Los Angeles. I will try KLAX to YSSY next weekend. I hope! 🤞


Then try not to mix it in with the realistic ones…or else there needs to be another thread started for verifiable global candidates !!!


Well I mean technically I do qualify so if someone wants to make a “Longest Global Flight” that’s fine. But the title states in IF.


9 and 1/2 hours. Atlanta- Honolulu. It was one of the suggested flights. Great approach into Honolulu!


My longest flight at this time is 3 hrs and 34 mins. I flew from Kai Tak to Narita. Yep that’s my longest flight and it’ll change.


14+ hours. It was an overnight flight. Australia to Miami


17 hours auckland to Dubai


11 hours Frankfurt to San Francisco in a Luftansa A380


Eh I just don’t see the interest in flying ultra-long haul. That being said however, my longest is 10 hours from WSSS-EGLL but I needed to do work on my iPad so I just went to Kiev instead…


Long hauls are great for xp grinding though.


True, but tight patterns are even better! ;)


No they aren’t DeerCrusher has been trying to shove that down out throat long enough. Doing long haul is not good for xp, great for flight hours, so if you’re a Grade 4 who still needs 150 hours after reaching the xp requirement, go long haul. If you’re tyrna get to Grade 3 then touch and goes or even better, stop and goes are the best. Try do it in a windy place as well


15H 39min Newark to Mumbai