What is your longest flight in IF?


It’s impossible to do a hour long flight in a limited area(for me). If I make a circular flight plan it’ll be hard to keep track of the constant heading change. It is inevitable to get offtrack if I do a circular flight plan. (Just saying)


My longest flight was about an hour and a half. Once Global comes out I want to do a 3-6 hour flight at some point.


Mine is from Los Angeles to John Wayne


Currently 15 and a half hours


2 hour flight on a qantas 747


@Daniel14 what route? Mine I see 9 and a half hours


SFO-WSSS overnight in a UA 787-9 filled to the brim with fuel. If anybody wants like a guided way to there let me know :)


10 and a half hours here. 30mins out from landing


I’ll have a guided way there


Dubai to Los Angeles! =D


I can’t sorry, I would help but family issues. I am thinking of an event for that route.


10hr 06mins


Flew 13 hours from KSFO (San Francisco) to NZAA (Auckland, New Zealand) in a 777-300.


Just beginning my longest flight. Istanbul-Dubai. 4 hours. And I’m following the real flight too! Just took off in the game while the real flight is stuck in some traffic at the runway.


62hr 34mn. Not a joke aka photo shopped. I have @Rowdy_Kepler for proof. london region pre-gloabl 172 skyhawk.


@THE-OP ☝️ Beats your record if I recall


My Longest Infinite Flight was 9 Hours And 23 Minutes From San Francisco International[KSFO] - London Heathrow International[EGLL] in the Boeing B777-300ER British Airways Livery But I’m going to be doing an 18 Hour Flight Today From Singapore Changi International[WSSS] to Newark Liberty International[KEWR] in the Singapore Airlines B787-10


I consider a flight an actual from first take off to first landing. Mean fuel stops nope. So for me that would be 14h 25min KATL-FAOR. but got a 24 hour non stop in the works.


How could you fly almost 63 hours without refueling…or did you happen to find a KC-135 or KC-10… and tell em you would pay them with a bit coin…if you could borrow an extra thousand pounds or so of fuel !!!


Auckland - Doha 16:50 hours.
There are video on my channel