What is your longest flight in IF?


At the moment, I'm really into flying 'around the region' flights, 3/4 Hours. Cannot wait for long haul!


Gosh, there are just people on here who dont have anything to do with there life at all, how is this preping for global when we will have LNAV, you can literally sleep through your flight šŸ˜‚


You can use a C172 or 208 just as well as the Super D for significant XP building just as long as your recovery time between the t&gs is 3 min or less...which limits the number of available airports substantially !!!


Im not a fan of long-haul flights in IF, I think my longest fly was one of an hour and 31 minutes and it was that long because I was on TS1 and in my first two aproaces two aircrafts crossed the runway so I had to go-around and in the third one I had to go-around because I lost the localizer... not to long now that I see...



I once flew for around 2 minutes in and F-14 from KLAX to KNUCKLE at around Mach 1 at 1500 ft just like any other TS1 pilot.


3 hours because 12 hour shifts on Saturday are slow and boring


My most recent flight. Unfortunately due to getting a new phone recently, I dont have pictures of my other flights, but Iā€™m pretty sure this is my longest.


So I just did this 1hr flight with @Qantas737guy on Casual in Amsterdam. In the CCX. (He was in the B712) We were speeding 600+ kts whilst flying between airports 50ft AGL


Breaking Mach 1 in a 717 with @Aussie_Wombat


my longest flight was 12:48


Maybe 20 mins?šŸ˜‚ KLAX to KSAN


Mine Was 2 Hours 47 Minutes.EGLL-EGBB


Same just a minute ahead


Cool tomorrow I do 17H flight


Best of luck to you with that challenge


Two of my longest flights.


15 hours and 24 minutes KSFO-WSSS


cool good play cool well play rare are those who can make long flights without having the global


image 6 hours :)


But did you land it?