What is your longest flight in IF?


Hour and eight minutes in a C172 around Hawaii


I use the 208 in Chicago and just make giant patterns while I'm at work


My longest now is 8hours 25mins in the 172.


I took off in a Cessna in Hawaii. 60 knots full flaps. Set my alarm for 5 hours while it flew a diagnal from the northwest corner to the southeast corner. Woke up. Turned it around and went back to sleep. landed it 10 hours after take off. It was plugged in all night on night mode, sound way down and dimmed. I was still at 100% battery when I wole up. If I left the screen on bright and day mode I would probably not of made it. Wanted to see how the iPad would handle that long of flight for global. Worked great.


I think mine is 1:30 to 2:00


Currently 6 hours out from Perth as QF7 from LHR. If all goes well it'll be around 16h20mins. Beat that guys 😏


Global testers... assuming their special GPS guided auto flight apps do not crash along the way...do not count as part of the mainstream...who are summarily restricted to about a max 250 mile sector airspace... and not having the privilege of multitasking until they have to prepare for landing at the dest airport...


Don't temp me!! I'll dO it. 20 hour flight


I wouldn't doubt you Brian. Knowing some of the flights you've done, I could see you doing it. 😂


20 hours flight in solo.


Without the restrictions of the live parameters...you can almost do an infinite flight in solo...as long as you have continuous battery power and have not found a better way to waste your time !!!


Current best is 9h 17m without LNAV


I wonder how long I could go? 24 hours?


My new longest flight was 5 hours and 30 minutes PHNL-PHNL


Its funny that I can get more xp in an hour by doing pattern work.


My was 1 hour 30m and why are you park at a cargo stand at KSAN


MaxSez: Are Beta Testers XP & Hours of personal record or are Testers identified as Testers for record purposes. Do Testers numbers get recorded on the Leader Board?


Yeah, take the Super Decathlon to an untowered airport and land once every 45 seconds. It's crude but effective :)


I would never use that aircraft to do Pattern Work. I use a 172. It's easier.


If you get good with the Super Decathlon it is a great plane just takes some skill.