What is your longest flight in IF?


16 hours. This was ages ago when I first started playing. Looking at Liveflight, I noticed you could fly out of region.
I took off from Los Angeles, dimmed the screen right down and put the phone on charge.
I steered towards Perth, Australia and left it.

I missed Perth by a huge amount so I ditched the plane in the Indian Ocean. It was kinda novel but pretty pointless.


40 minute flight from KTPA to KMIA but had to make a go around twice due to air traffic


Haven’t made it all the way yet… not sure if I will be able to try again any time soon… kinda a bummer.

I think the hardest part of attempting an around the world is having your tablet tied up for that many hours… literally just starring at it contemplating “I think I will just watch some YouTube and end this flight/NNOOOO must make it around the world!!!” Unless I’m sleeping, it’s really hard to let it fly for long (because I want to do other stuff) but that’s part of the testing…

@DeerCrusher - FINALLY!!! Some sees where I’m at! Lol

But how about all these hole in ones right now at the Par 3 contest at the Masters??? Insane!!!

I guess I should put my longest time up… 17-18 hours before getting gas, 21-23 hours total flight time combined…


Lol 😉 I was watching the Masters before they shut down due to weather.


Aww man.... I must be watching yesterday replay.... 😔


My longest flight ever was the first time I attempted to fly the Cessna 172 at 75 knots. 13-15 hours of flight in the Chicago region. I was trying to work my way towards Grade 5 at that time by gaining flight hours. I flew the C172 for the whole day :)

Oh btw, I was IFGP CannedPlacebo back in the days. Now I am CannedAviation ;)


I think you mean you were “Farming” your way to Grade 5. 😒


Today in Paris region


It took you all day.... GG you are now psychologicaly prepared for long haul flights if global comes out without the LNAV A/P mode!


5 Hours (Going to try to beat it next Friday)

Took off from KSJC at 1200 Z
and then... The winds picked up.

I came in for a second attempt at SJC

My E190 Couldnt handle the 29 knot winds so I ended up attempting to divert but then realizing that it was really windy all around the San Fran area. So I did a holding pattern over the water for 3 hours untill attempting and landing on the 3rd try


I thought it's be nice to bump this post, so here's my longest flight:

I did full circles of Florida for 4hrs 30 minutes. Then, as my Citation didn't like the wind or the altitude (fl430), I diverted to KMIA and that was it.

Thanks to LiveFlight Connect!


6.5 hours flying an A321 in the Denver region and 4.1 hours in a C130 Buckley AFB


I once did a 8hr flight.😱


I flew from Honolulu to Hilo which is only 1hrs and 25mins. Felt too boring to fly in repeated circles.😅


I did a 2hr flight in SoCal but I was doing touch and goes and then leaving AP on



How the hell do you people do this?


I challenge anyone to find a longer one way flight in any region...than from the most southern wpt of Hawaii to the most northern one ...ie..from Tarde to Jlake or Setwe...around 300 nm ...and a in a C172...about 4 and a half hours unattended on AP..so if you do the reciprocal route several times...and you can plug your charger in and out without disrupting the app..you can easily get a 12 hour plus flight in ...if you have the patience ...particularly when you are multi tasking...and do not mind being listed on the XP Farm Bureau Report...but that is why global will be a welcome change !!!


I remember I was controlling a while ago in SoCal, and I saw what must have been the most ridiculously long and unrealistic flight plan with some turns over 270 degrees and, wow... I don't even have words to describe how ridiculous it was lol. Even some of the Global Testers said they would never have tried anything like it, even with LNAV. Maybe some of the IFATC guys remember what I am talking about.


Party pooper....l am a farmer and l like to plant crops...never can be sure if the seed vault somewhere in Scandinavia.. might get damaged by an earthquake or global superstorm !!!