What is your longest flight in IF?


A week ago (do you know the song?) I did RJTT (Tokyo international) to OMBD in a 787-10 with ANA about 10 hours


Ugh, I hate that. I think my OCD requires me to log in and finish out the flight. (it is not near as satisfactory though.)

Sorry about that!



My two longest are:
KDEN - RJAA — 12 hr 07 min
KDEN - LSZH — 10 hr 30 min


Shattered my record with a 14 hour 28 minute flight from KLAX - YMML


10hr 23mn KIAH-LTBA, Turkish Airlines 77W


Just started a 10 hour flight from KEWR (Newark) - LLBG (Tel Aviv) - Wish me luck and hope that my phone does not crash!


It crashed…RIP!!! 👿👿👿👿👿


I tried Singapore Changi to Hong Kong but I got bored after 40 min and decided to kill the plane.



EDDF - VTBS 9 Hours and 13 Min with the 777-200 Thai Airways.


My longest flight was LAX-OTHH (Los ángeles- Doha). It was a 15:49 hour flight


My longest flight RKSI-TNCM 19:35 with 787-9


I almost finished my Longest flight KSFO-WSSS almost 19 hours because of massive headwinds


My longest flight was from Sydney to London (YSSY-EGLL) It took me 19 hours and 48 minutes in a Boeing 777-200LR.


Just recently completed my first global YPPH-EGLL in 787-9. To replicate the new Qantas non-stop service starting in a few months from Perth Australia to London Heathrow. It’s advertised as a 17 hour service which matched pretty close to my flight time. Great fun doing a long haul!


Can someone give help on how to add airways to flightplan?


Airways are not supported in this version of IF. You can, how ever replace them with 2 or more coordinates until support for airways is implemented.


Ok, thank you for help


New longest flight

13hr 20m


EGLL-WSSS or KJFK-RKSI. Both around 12 hours.


Dallas Fort Worth to London Heathrow. 8-9 hours.
Broke my last record.