What is your longest flight in IF?


My longest flight was a 7 hour flight from Dubai to Texas in the 747 400


As of now mine is 10 hours from San Francisco to Tokyo on the 787-9


How fast were you cruising? 7 hours is very very very fast for that kind of flight.


about 15 hours, this was KLAX to OMDB on an A380


St Maarten To Dubai- it was like 12 hours


Springbok 203 Heavy, Cape Town to Tokyo, 15h03m non stop on a full load. Max cargo, max fuel and max pax in a A330-300.


A little over 16 hours from Doha to Auckland. 👍


Impressive flight time.


KDFW to Sri Lanki 19 HRs with a huge tailwind


19 hrs 36 mins in a 787-9 from KJFK-YSSY. Landed with about five mins fuel remaining, it was a long flight.


I flew that route that day too I think. I remember it took close to 12 hours on a 787 going at M 0.85 most of the way


Nice! What was your departure time Eastern Time? Or HST


I pushed at 20:54 Eastern, blocked into the gate at 0255 local HST time


Nice you departed first. Lol. I left at 4AM Eastern time arrived at 8 AM. That was a really long flight. Was expecting like a 8-10 hour flight. Not 13 lol. Good thing I had an hour of spare fuel. @Andrew_Chin


Same here. I actually checked the UA 764 flight in real-life before I went so I knew the wind was pretty strong that day. 12 hours at 0.85 Mach is about right because the UA flight clocked in at close to 13 too I think.


Charlotte Douglas (KCLT) to Rome Fiumicino (LIRF)


I did an 11 hour flight from Cincinnati (KCVG) - Dubai International (OMDB) a few weeks ago in the 777-200LR.


Can you please help. I am little confused, do i need to purchase a subscription to be able to use ATC for the solo flight?


If you are flying on solo mode there is no ATC. If you want to use ATC while flying you have to buy a subscription.


I plan on doing this route: KCVG-EDDP-OBBI-VIDP-VHHH-RKSI-PANC-KCVG.