What is the hardest plane for you to land?


Honestly the F18 and F16 are the hardest in my opinion. It’s easy to flip onto one side or the other if it’s not a level landing.


Crj 200 because it always drifts to one side


It’s funny because the Qantas A380 in the game is actually the a380 from flight 32


It would be easier if there was autopilot!


IMHO…both the Crj and the 717 are the perfect aircraft to learn to land on tail or chase plane view… because you develop a perception for the proper descending approach altitude after a little practice without all the HUD and cockpit display diversions…so you can gradually manually land them irrespective of the glidescope and localizer …which in an emergency or equipment failure…irl you would be expected to successfully accomplish anyway !!!


We haven’t even thought of the ww2 spitfire.


Anything smaller than a 757


OH, I really hate the F-16, REALLY HATE IT, it goes anywhere except where you want it to go…


Lol the 737 is the easiest plane to land for me


How? There’s almost no ground effect!


I usually land it at 140 knots full flaps. I land it 95% of the time


Either the F-22 or the F-16, the landing gear isn’t incredibly wide so any sort of crosswind and miss management of the rudder the thing rolls on to its side and skids down the runway


mine is the boeing 747


Between the two you mentioned… the F-22 takes some practice to get the knack of to fly and land… but it still has fairly good flight physics…but the F-16 needs a rework…to make it more manageable… replace the toothpick landing gear and fix the balance issue… so in even slightly windy conditions… you still can maintain some level of control over it… and then it might be more of a suitable alternative !!!


A lot of the planes with bad and outdated physics models. Fighter jets I’m a lost hope. 747-400 can be difficult but I usually am able to do somewhat smooth landings. Most other planes I’m good with, except the 172, don’t let me fly that when it’s windy.


Same the scesna 172, and then the 777-300ER it’s just so hard fir me to make a smooth landing in either.


Huh, never knew. Never bothered to check. Thank you!


I crash no matter what I fly


Like, always? Try to over the IF YT channel and see those tutorials


I always screw up the F-22