What is the hardest plane for you to land?


The A330 and A340 I just cant seem to get the right speed.


I always find it so hard to have the perfect flare when you try to land the Boeing 717.


Set your autothrottle for 135 kts…no flaps …because the problem is in their physics …and you will land fine…when you learn how to fly without any AP except for cruising between airports…IMHO…you will become a much more proficient pilot…and really learn what aviating is…


I’ll try it next time. Maybe I can get it


Right? I always find myself landing short of the touchdown zone because of insuffient thrust.


Spitfire is really hard


Well I don’t actually fly the plane but I appreciate the help


Try this…make sure you are full flaps before you hit the ten miles out mark…then you need to land between 150 and 160 kts on touchdown…then use your reversers along with your brakes until you slow to about 75 kts…and then your brakes alone will finish the job…you can even land it on a less than 7000 ft rwy with enough practice…


I have no trouble slowing down. But, I will try to do that next time.Thanks for the help!


Boeing 747-400. Its large and because of that it’s unresponsive.


The 717 is my least favorite to land especially with crosswinds. The CRJ and 717 have a night and day flying difference in my experiences on IF.


Mine would have to be the whole 737 series and the a330s and a340. The 737s just drop out of the sky and the Airbuses just float and I eventually go around.


You have to get used to them. You have to apply less or no thrust in an Airbus and in a Boeing you have to apply at lease 60% thrust before you land unless you will drop out of the sky. It is also mainly because those aircraft are old aircraft in IF and hasn’t been reworked in a while.


I tried it but I still cant get the right landing. I will try again today though. The 747 8 is still worth buying though


Oh boy thank you so much! I’m gonna try that right now!


The B717-200, I hate it. Crosswind landing causes it to veer off of the runway and upon landing I often stall or tailstrike.


It’s so true! Haha same here!


Also @THD24. The 172 has a pitch up of 4 degree when on the ground, so you need to flare to 10 to ensure you land rear wheels first


I totally agree with that! :)


It’s honestly has to be the 717. I call it the Flower Petal Plane(especially if the livery is Hawaiian) :)