What is the hardest plane for you to land?


Mine is definitely the A380. No doubt.


For me it depends often on the weather. Landing a Cirrus in winds gusting 20knots. That’s extremely hard for me but landing a 747 during those conditions isn’t that hard.


500!!! You should be at that while a couple of miles out


That was your first post in 179 days, 9 hours, 1 minute and 17 seconds but yeah most probably because the 747 is a lot bigger than the Cirrus.


You must be like another Rain Man…bet you know when the world will end too !!!


The super what?

😕 people surely never fly this airplane


Dash Q8, not used to how low to the ground it is.


Hardest Plane- Definetly the 747-8. It is so hard, I have to maintain 170kts+ on short final so I don’t stall. Also, it goes out of control easily. Rework would be great! :)


717, that bird just loves to blow away like a leaf in wind.


Oh ok that makes a lot more sense thanks for the update!


Super Decathlon he meant 😉


I know, but everybody haven’t see the end of the airplane list


So, I tried the CRJ-200 last night for the first time. I manually fly every landing in IF.

This is the only plane I could not keep on a nose-up descent. And I’m not talking ‘slightly below level’. If I put any flap extension past the initial 8, the nose was pitched down severely, 10-15 degrees.

Does anyone have any tips on how to maintain a proper nose-up orientation? I checked online, and it seemed to suggest that configuring for landing should begin 70 nm out and be done very slowly and in very incremental steps. I’m not sure that really fits in an IF environment.

(I should also note that with 100% trim, I still had the maximum of pink line below the middle line. Clearly I’m doing something wrong, but as I said, all of my landings are manual, so it’s not as if I’m unfamiliar with Trim and flaps, speeds, etc.)


Right now the A330 is the hardest plane for me to 🛬(land)


For me I think that the Spitfire is the hardest.
Happy Safe Landings, Good Day!!!
-The Aviator


I have some advice. Don’t fly the crj. Its not worth the hassle. If you want a rear engine twini would use either the 717 or citationx both of which are much easier and nicer to fly. Otherwise attempt to have your speed as low as possible and check your aircraft weight and balance
Happy flying


Ha, well, yeah, that was certainly my conclusion after trying it out.

I was just wondering if the physics are off or if I was doing something wrong. I think I’ve seen on here before that it’s the former.


It has been subject of critical​ abuse, it is in need of a rework. I don’t fly it myself but if course it’s your choice. After practice you could probably do it


For me,F22 is the hardest.


😂😂 are you joking? It has a really good flight model. Make sure you are below MLW weight and with full flaps, I can land that perfectly at like 145