What is the hardest plane for you to land?


I was just using that as an example to the response I had to someone else. My comment had nothing to do with the difficulty of the 787 which has to be the nicest plane to land.


No i know, i was just agreeing with you


I can land the Dash 8, but it’s difficult for me to get smooth landings. Usually if I go for smoothness I’ll end up floating down the runway. Also the 737-900 is pretty hard as flaring needs to be carefully planned so you don’t tailstrike.


I can’t land the 787-8, for all planes including bad ones, I can’t land a CRJ-200


The Spitfire is pretty hard to land too.


Every GA plane, every not reworked plane and the bigger commercial aircraft (I either land with VS -600 or worse, or I hover and finish half the runway without touching it. Either it’s me or my iPad 3) :-).


Check your landing speed, it’s probably your approach speed being too fast :).


Alright. Wasn’t sure what you were meaning but it makes sense now. Take care!


Funny enough, I figured out why, I kept forgetting to cut throttle to idle at around 300ft, so it would creep back up to 500ish. I rarely fly the 787, so I can’t compare it too the 747 from personal experience. For me, the high cockpit doesn’t really affect me on landing, but more taxiing.


I normally fly HUD so it never makes a difference…


The HUD helps with that. I’m not good enough though to hand fly an aircraft
all the way down to the deck, so I just keep tweaking the auto-pilot until
touchdown and after the ground roll stabilizes, THEN I’ll disengage the
auto pilot. So far…as long as the cross winds aren’t too bad, I’ve been
doing pretty good.


I fly approach but only when the condition is bad and visibility low. Otherwise i fly by hand except.For alt which the autopilot handles. HUD just makes it easier to see


You cut throttle to idle at 300ft? That’s pretty ealry if you’re not going already going 200kts! I head in at around 150kts full flaps, cut power at 50ft and pull back the nose to level around the time when it announces 30ft so that I’ll be able to smoothly glide onto the runway. I guess it also depends on your load but I think 300ft is pretty high. Did you mean 30ft?


At that height with enough speed,300ft, wouldn’t you just climb?


The 717 surprisingly isn’t a problem for me. For me, no matter how smooth the landing is, the A3/18/19/20 series nose gear slams on the runway.


They’re a bit similar in real life especially on a steep approach, which they are all certified for


Yes, but it depends on your flap setting and throttle.


Yep, I did. My bad on not proofreading myself. The highest I’ll cut power is 150ish if I’m over MLW. I’ve attempted at recreating Qantas Flight 32 a few times.


When you land the Dash…your final touchdown speed should be between 110 and 115 kts…any faster and you start to skid…unless your wings are completely level on impact… also you only need about 90 kts to start your ascent…


between any fighter jet and a380