What is the hardest plane for you to land?


mine is the crj200 or f18


either the 747 or the 717.


Idk but the dash 8 is the easiest, I only make -70 fpm landings or less


In my opinion everybody can land any plane until they’re use to it. But recently I found many f22 fighters landing, then swerving randomly and/or flaring to early/nosediving

  • But i totally agree! We need reworks on the CRJ😝


You need like a really high speed, if it’s too much, you’ll climb…


That is a hard plane to land too.


I think there should be rework on the CRJ 200 too.


You just have to practice your crab landings and your proficiency with
these aircraft will improve!


I’m surprised no one has said Spitfire!


The A-380 is such a flying block. Or maybe it’s my inexperience with it. I purchased it at the same time I purchased the Cessna citation x. But I was using the citation this whole time.


Buuuut it’s free…?


Honestly, for me, it’s the 747. I tend to float about 500ish feet above the runway.


I agree with you. I find is difficult to land 737-900 smoothly.


I find the 737 easy. It makes a difficult landing quite simple


Funny, I’m the exact opposite with the 747. You say you float way above the runway but I find that I always imagine I’m in a 787 or something. The cockpits so high up that it seems like you’re still at 50ft when you’re really about to touch down.


Compared to the 747 …the IF A-380 version seems to be much more stable and balanced for it’s size…as far as l am concerned the 747-800 is the most difficult to land in that you have to go to full flaps sooner than any other aircraft before you go on final…otherwise it will rise way too fast and you will have to go around… particularly when on the approach over the mtns to 26 at PHTO…also it has a very tight turning radius …so you have to almost estimate in advance where you will point the aircraft…compared to other large airliners…


The 787 is such a nice plane. Very responsive and the polar opposite of say the Globemaster of the crj…


especially when you try it with the flaps😂


I thought that was only me, I always flare way too late and therefore really hit the runway hard as it does feel like you are much higher off the runway than you are!


It’s always is that way for me. Just finished a flight in Expert in New York a minute ago flying the 747 and still have the same struggle. 😂😂