What is the hardest plane for you to land?


Yh😊. Rain, clouds, snow would be so amazing. With physics differentiating between each conditions on runway and in the air. Wishful thinking right here😂


What is a 3 point landing? @Overspeed


If you turn too violently in the -8 it will flip and when your only 1000 AGL its almost impossible to recover…


As you know, a normal landing is pretty smooth due to the flare, the main gear touches down and then slowly but surely the nose gear touches the runway. In stormy conditions or rainy, slippery conditions, it is better to sit the aircraft down ( depends on the aircraft as well ) on main gear and nose gear at once in order to have a safe and solid contact to the ground. You can try these kind of landings nicely with the C130 series and the A319/A320.


Alright. After spending around 30 minutes in solo approach mode I think I’ve figured it out for you. When landing the CRJ, use flaps 30 and NOT 45. When landing, you want to aim for around 120-130 knots. Once you touchdown after your flare, the nose will want to pitch up because of the old flight model of the CRJ. To counter this, simply push the nose down right as you land.

During wind conditions, follow these same procedures plus the crosswind landing tutorial made by Mark Denton. Please note that since it is an old model, the CRJ is a bit “sensitive”.

I did not encounter any issues with one wheel touching down first during my testing. It might be the old model. But hey, use that to your advantage in crosswind landings.


For me its the CRJ-200, F-18, and F-22


The ones with wings are the toughest to me.


Then you’re going to slow. I can land it fine


The Bombardier CRJ-200.


Thanks a lot I’ll def try this out!

Would you say to only use flaps 45 for very short runways?

Also does it help to add some power right before touchdown for a smooth landing?

When I land the B737-700 I usually add some power right before touch down & it results in a much smoother landing.


Use 45 for very short runways, and a little power before touchdown is a personal preference.


Gotcha thanks again!


the 777 is actually quite easy to land


The A380 it’s a different animal


Yes it is @Captainphillips


I would say the Airbus A340-600.


Example of F22 landing


F22 and crj are both very difficult to land and the a380 in wind is very painful too


The 787. Beautiful to land


IMHO…it is far better to practice landing any IF aircraft without AP or other helpers…because that will teach you how to coordinate your angle of attack with your throttle and other parameters…ergo a basic tenet of Bernoulli Principle as applied to airflow over an airfoil…which is why fighters are the best teachers…beyond that l also practice regularly at specific intervals with every aircraft as if l am in an emergency situation…and have to do a full manual landing…also try to fly and land any aircraft in the close up plane or tail view as it is called …so you can navigate to and from any airport under VFR rules…along with IFR practice…and lastly turn off your… show all airports view in the settings… so you are forced to approx logical distances between airports… which are usually every 15 miles or less anyway…this may not be proper for irl flying…but in regard to this sim…l believe it develops your aviating proficiency much more thoroughly and helps to be a much more intuitive pilot…