What is the hardest plane for you to land?


MaxSez: Landing Tip: Believe it or not, all IF aircraft (GA/Fghr/Trash Hauler) have an “Auto-Brake” capability. On Approach when you dirty up “Lock the Brake”!. Reliese the brake on the Taxiway when you disengage the reverser on your landing roll out. Use the rudder brake to maneuver departing the active, roll past the rway hold line, stop, contact Ground at controlled fields. Uncontrolled Field,ujust taxi direct to parking if you have an unobstructed Taxiway. Alway give a “clear of all rwys” call.

(The IF 172 will act like a lady utilizing this gimmick when landing with or without a flare if you chop the throttle over the keys and let her settle with locked brakes. Unlock when speed is below 35mph when exiting the active,)


Any plane for Joshfly!


Everybody’s saying the CRJ… For me, it’s really not that hard.

Simple tip, don’t use a lot of flare. Also, you wanna start flaring about 30 feet over the rwy.


Every fighter jet, or the Cessna 172, likes to bounce.


PLEASE don’t kill me

It’s hard to land the Dash 8! There, I’ve said it.


I think landing the dash-8 is very challenging too @C_Baccari


Dash 8 and both the A330s

The CRJ is easy as pie


The hardest plane for me to land is the A 340 it floats.


Gears are too close between the runway
Worst still, it’s not a private jet


I appreciate the tips but what about the CRJ-200? It’s the hardest plane for me to land. Even with wings level per the HUD the it seems to always touch down on one of the rear wheels first vs both simultaneously. There might be a flaw with this aircraft requiring a rework or I’m just not landing properly.

Feel free to educate me on how to properly land the CRJ 200 if you know how. Thanks!


Thanks for the advice! I will try that out next time.


For me, the F-22 and the 717 is the hardest.


717 and CRJ200 can be a pain when landing


The Boeing 717 has bad flight physics in real life. The developers wanted it to be as realistic as possible, and therefore incorporated it’s real life issues into the simulator.


O really lmfao😂 That makes sense. But in IRL I think you still are able to flare it though. 😀


Cessna 172 definately


Basically, I should also add the Dash8, but only in crosswind above 20kts.


The 777. I love it. But I hate it. The DASH 8 is a “fun” piece of machinery too.


@bensonb I thought it was just on IF. Oh well then, that’s probably why most airlines don’t have it. Hard landings= bad experience for passengers.


Sometimes a 3 point landing is the safer option tho. Especially in rainy and slippery conditions.
Dreams about different weather options in infinite flight