What is the hardest plane for you to land?


Definitely the C172!


Any fighter jet like the f22


the most recommended is 150-160 knots landing


Any Fighter jet lol.


@QR01 I see we have some teaching to do. The hardest to land for me right now is the CRJ 200, although I haven’t had much practice in that aircraft. Practice makes perfect guys.


Yes definitely. Bring on the 25 kts crosswind and practice. Currently trying to master the spitfire in crosswinds


Probs the Super D…


I sometimes have power at 70-80% on touchdown, it’s ridiculous!


CRJ-200 physics are sort of broken, every time I try to land I crash. We need a CRJ rework!!


For Me none…


I agree! We need a CRJ rework or I’m going to crash and burn every time I fly it!



The Boeing 717 has really bad flight physics. It is also impossible to land it. You can not flare it at all and it just flies nose first into the runway. 😢🛬


Globemaster… the amount of go arounds, i cannot do it.


I think the CRJ-200 is the hardest (For me at least)


717 is kind of hard to sit down smoothly for me, same goes for the 737-900. I always tend to almost sit the rear down on the ground. Also, the F22 can be a pain to land with crosswind for me.


Definitely the Cirrus. I wipeout every time I try to land that thing. I’ve learned not to fly it in front of fellow IFATC members.


What’s the hardest plane for me to land? A real one


People who find the CRJ hard to land - you do realise it approaches nose down IRL.


The CRJ is easy to land because one it touches the runway, it stays on it.
The 717 is also easy to land, but just dont go under 130 kts or 120 kts for more experienced flyers.
The F22 is only easy with full flaps.


me too crj-200 is weird