What is the hardest plane for you to land?


Oh yeah. I always touch down WAY too hard and crash.


The dash Is the hardest for me


Rewind this thread to about 115 to 120 …and check out my landing suggestion for the Q400/Dash 8 …hope it helps !!!


I was being sarcastic ;)


Mine is the Cessna 172


For those who still have trouble landing the Crj…after reluctantly revisiting it…since l prefer the CX…ACJ and BBJ…l found that you can have the best landing at 135 kts locked in your AT…if you really need to use it…and the lowest level or zero flaps…since l believe the problem is in their physics …l practiced on approach at KCGX for a little more of a challenge and the flare looked great as long as keep your nose up until you touched the numbers… and you could easily either throttle down or throttle up for t&gs !!!


Are we talking about greasing or surviving because for greasing it would be the F22 and surviving the spitfire 😂


Any plane is difficult to land, just take practice. No more, that’s all.


definitely the spitfire


Can someone translate this for me please?


ReedTranslates: Surprisingly, all IF planes have a built in auto brake system. While on approach, activate the break as you normally do. When you disengage the reverse thrust on the ground after touchdown, turn off the normal break as well. Then, use the rudder brake*, along with the rudder, to exit the taxiway past the hold short marks, hold position, and contact the ground controller. At uncontrolled fields, taxi directly to the gate without holding position (unless there is another airplane in your path). Don’t forget to use the Unicom to tell other planes you are clear of the runway.

*When he says rudder brake, he is referring to a trick with the rudder. Most people already know that you can move the rudder left and right, but you can also pull it down. Depending on how much you pull it down, it will brake softer or harder. This is why Max compared the rudder brake to an auto brake.


The A380, and CRJ-200 is my hardest


Check out my tips on landing the CRJ …a few replies up in this thread…worked well for me every time when l practiced it !!!


Crj-200 without doubt.


I’d say the C172. You land with like -140ft/m and it bounces… I don’t know what VS you should land a 172 at to avoid the bounce. I don’t know, maybe 1ft/m will do…


This might help you:


I know. I did read it but not that helpful…


A340 for me

Not tried the CRJ to be honest… sounds like i’m missing out on the fun


In my experience in this sim…l have found that you should touchdown at about 45 to 50 kts in the C-172 and about 65 to 70 for the C-208 if you want a smooth landing …and keep the nose up until you just gently lose airspeed and float down …long ago it was said or inferred by many of the greatest aviators that any aircraft landing is basically a controlled crash …since you are in effect gliding down and employing sufficient electromechanical resistance to safely balance out the descent to the runway…that is what l believe true aviating really is in its most austere form !!!


Mine is the Cirrus Sr22