What is the hardest plane for you to land?


Mine is the Cessna 172.


Mine is the CRJ-200, that’s why we need a rework !


Bombardier CRJ-200 is really hard.


C172, I bounce half way down the runway…


the fighter jet F/A 18


CRJ200, I nosedived at KLAX seconds before touchdown while flying CRJ 😂

@FlyTheFlag can confirm this 😂 #weneedrework


I think the Dash Q8, very special approach


Mine is the 717. Please add more substance to your post.


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Every single plane when @Tom_Grollman is around


F/18 fighter so hard


my bad, they’ve all been closed


I find landing any fighter jet except the A-10 hard


i am always having troubles with the Crj…soooo hard to land , needs a rework…


No plane is hard to land if you take time to practice it.

I see a lot of C172’s on here - here is a tip:

  • The nose of the 172 is naturally pointing up at an angle, this is very noticeable when on the ground. The reason you are bouncing is because you try to land the plane at a level angle. You have to point the nose up quite a bit when landing so the back wheels touch down first. Think of it as an extreme flare.


It no doubt that F22 is the hardest to land


the F-22 is hard and more when there is wind


By far it’s the Bombardier CRJ-200. I recently attempted to land at lax and it drifted out of control just after touchdown.


717, I always stall on final


When you landing f22 with above 15 knots wind, please don’t maintain airspeed 135 knots or lower and descent slowly to avoid crash