What is "Global"?


No 3D airports with global.
Airports won't look much different to those that we have at the moment.


I would also agree on that, I really don't wanna pay for the global on live. I really want that to be available offline. :/


Live subscription? I really don't wanna pay for that...I'd rather pay the "map" itself.


This is why you will need to have a Live subscription to use global when it first comes out, whether on Live or on Solo.


VThis is very simple and just involves common sense.

Streaming works the same everywhere. IF will not only 'stream' only the terrain that's immediately in front of you (for example 5 miles ahead)... This obviously would mean you'd see blank space as you fly along. The app will obviously stream large portions ahead of you further than your eye can see.

As I'm not a developer, I don't know the exact distance / details. I don't mean to speculate, but the lack of common sense is astounding (not just you, but the 100+ comments all regarding the streaming aspect). Obviously if you are heading due East at 90 degrees, IF will stream the terrain that's a good distance in front you, I'm assuming something like 75 - 100 Nautical miles ahead of you. As you continue to travel, and the app steams the more terrain further east, the app can then empty the terrain that is now way behind you from the cache. This will allow for any decent 'drop out' of you wifi or 3G Connection, to not just freeze up and end your flight.

Look up what cache is, the devs have clearly stated the streaming data and terrain will be cached (and can be cleared). This means as you fly around, the terrain will be streamed and cached (stored on your device) in a big giant area around where y are flying. Streaming stays one step ahead of where you are. Then, if you do a 180 and turn around, the cached (stored) terrain is already there and you can just fly back through it and there is no need for further steaming at this time.

It will not take up much space on your devices. STOP ASKING if your certain device will have enough space. The app would simply stream and cache only a certain amount as it needs to 'write over the old terrain'.

The devs aren't morons, they know what they are doing, and they are also testing it out. It's actually a very, very simple system they intend to use, so stop whinging, and asking questions over and over again.

As for pricing, and 'oh I bought live+ last week blah blah how much will it cost or do I have to pay' ..... seriously, if only the forums had a 'report' button and we could ghost you after three.....

Rant over.


Hahaha report button!really¿¿anyway no matter how good you explain it or make it to be...someone somewhere will still ask the same question over and over...look at Phillipe's posts..he's been complaining about the same too..frankly speaking your posts helps but not that much ;)


I bet he said that to the deer too.


I sure did. Lol. Except the deer was unable to respond. 😂


Haha probably best. I just cracked up, thinking between your comment above and your deer story, what would qualify as a "direct attack" for you? :)

Sorry, back ok topic


I wonder if the dev's use SCRUM to work on these projects to get them done faster/better/less people?


Wait are you guys serious ? Teasing us for global and trying to get the hype wave rolling and then shoving in another useless long range tri jet ? Ay caramba, this doesnt sound great.


It's still may be not confirmed as the next update.


I personally think they announced the update way too early in development.


Yes, we dreamed of the update last November when the C130 came. Which .. nobody flies ..
People want global and they want it in the next update, everybody prais for it and then yeah.

At some point it was stated that they at FDS always work towards a deadline, in my opinion just adding something new aka the DC10 or MD11 is just an update for the sake of bringing an update in a terretory they already know : Aircraft developing. Others are left behind tho ( Airbusses, you know what I mean ).

I'm dead sad.


This reply brought a tear to my eye. Makes me proud.


Please note he said "might not" so it doesn't mean it will not be the next update, he says "might not"


I think my reply was a little more tactful. Geez. :-)


Doing this would make this sim a game and not realistic.if someone want to fly from jfk to france just do it real time or don't do it.not even xplane 10 on pc have this nor fsx.only way this would work on solo mode thats the only way and personaly I wouldn't used that fast faward button never.I think it shouldn't go in live but if they adding it maybe solo


Is it already confirmed that the next Update will be MD-11 etc. ???


No, this is not confirmed.