What is "Global"?


If it quacks like a duck… πŸ¦†


So about the "engine on/off button", is it just a button that says engine on/off or is there any sequence or steps we have to follow to shut down or start the engine?


I'm hoping there is a shutdown sequence, but most likely just a button.


C'mon Grx that was ~ 2 months ago.

Also notice that he used the word 'might'. Global might not be, it could be the next one also. Please understand and read the post carefully before typing anything useless.


A challenge on words is anything but useless.
Strife encourages progress.

Please back to topic.


yay, i cant wait till global is out. im sure that the work that is put into this simulator is more than just a simulator, it is a flight simulator made by proffesionals! keep up the good work


I have a feeling the DC-10/MD-11 are being developed.


For crying out loud, read the FAQ in the post..


Great, Will Indy Airport be available to fly in and out.


All day, every day.

And as far as the DeathCruiser goes, we don't need any more long haul planes for milk routes.


Yes, that's true!πŸ˜…πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜…


So for instance I've bought Live+ in January, will i be able to fly globally or do I again need to purchase Live+ ?


Please!! Please!! Read the the comment of the thread.This question has been answered many times before. They don't really know exactly how is gonna work, what Phillipe says now could change.


How many people do continue to not know what Global means. Global will have all airports in it when released. Whether editing has finished on them or not.


All the airports are confirmed for Global Flight (yes, including yours). Some people tend to believe in the fact that the update won't be released until all the +40,000 airports worldwide are edited which is completely false, all the airports will be added even though they're not edited :)

P.D.: the only way to have all the airports done before the update, is to clone me a few hundred times and purchase many computers and all the airports will be done roughly in less than 2 weeks.


Can't wait for this update πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Will streaming over cellular networks use a lot of data?


Will the airports be in 3D? That would be really cool.


Some where in the US :)


I have a question, and before people start to say that this question has been asked before, I have been reading through the entire topic checking whenever questions come up, and as of now I haven't seen my question asked. Feel free to prove me wrong but my question is what will happen when our connection goes down for a little while, say our connection drops for an extended amount of time, what will happen to the scenery now that the streaming of scenery has stopped.(what will happen to the scenery after we have left the streamed and cached area of scenery, would be just flying around in blank white space?)