What is "Global"?


I usually do a long flight while multitasking.

Having iPad up and running for a few hours does not bug me. I would totally back a “Save Progress” feature that puts you back on last saved location that doesn’t interfere with others.


LNAV has been confirmed, so basically you can make your flight plan and then leave your device to fly, obviously keep checking on it but that’s what il be doing.

Nice 8/10 hour flight take off leave my phone on, wake up land 😂


I can´t see where is the fun of doing such long flights, even when you are sleeping. Most of the normal devices have about, 4 or 5 hours of battery, when running with IF. They will never cross the Atlantic, unless they play while charging, affecting the battery of the device…


By any chance will there be any tail and taxi lights cause when I fly in the dark and the tail lights missing I feel I need it but at the same time I understand your busy and might not get to this for years


I don’t know if this question has already been asked.

Are we going real time hours for example. LA to Heathrow 14 hours
Will we wait and fly 14 hours ??


Or is their like a button of which you can skip or make the time faster??


There won’t be a button that will maka it look bad


So we will fly the real time 14 hours ?


Yes, it’s all in real time.


Okay will be interesting. Thanks.


How do u know it that it will be real time


Because we said it many times in this thread already. Please take a minute to read my responses in this thread before posting. Thanks


4 days and 1k+ replies. That’s surely a record?


Because they’ve said it in the post, they’ve also NOT confirmed a fast forward button, the time zones in the game will follow the real world and whenever Laura flies global it always takes her the proper amount of time it would take to fly between the two locations in real life.


Oh sorry I read it couple of days ago I forgot sorry


Oh cool if I’m doing long haul routes than ap nav will do the job and when I get closer I contact atc than it will make me defend heading stuff like that


I love the idea of it taking 7 hours to fly from EGLL to OMDB just like it does in the real world, also, with the addition of the overhauled graphics and scenery it’ll be a great experience.


This isn’t a request topic, create your own topic if you want that.


Will the XP calculation’s remain the same, or will there be an update as to how XP is obtained?


So will I get global free if I already have live+? Or will I have to pay for global separately?