What is "Global"?


Philippe literally just said that they don't have specific devices that will work. Please scroll for 1 second and take a moment and read this thread. :-)


She's heading over to EDW! :)


Last I checked DFW's airport code is not KEDW.


Oops, I read that wrong. You didn't see that, lol.

It's 2 in the morning for me, go easy on me. πŸ˜‚


No can do buddy. False information is... false information.


Will this be free with live + because I'm thinking of getting it


You not that for certain or just guessing again?


That's what it says in the original post dosent it?


Not exactly what it said......


How much will it cost?
While it will be an update to Infinite Flight, it was a massive effort requiring a lot of research, development and investments (satellite imagery is not cheap).
We are not set on a pricing model just yet but it will most likely be part of our Live subscription at a higher price point. Without a subscription, you will still get access to updated terrain and imagery, but limited to similar regions (probably a bit bigger in certain cases) as you currently have access to.


++ are used instead of Quation marks when copy and pasting. However this is off topic now ;-)


Pretty sure Philippe has said to you stop assuming things and telling people that it's confirmed, unless it comes from a devs mouth, nothing is confirmed.

This was replied at you, please don't carry on doing what you've already been told about.


I think that you'll do best by refrain from answering questions not directed towards you, and let people read for themselves.


How exactly are we going to get around the world? Like, will we have to sit there for hours like in real life or is there like a fast traveling thing?


Sit for hours, as mentioned several times. No time warp.


Hmm a fast traveling thing? This is meant to simulate real life. That is why we non-gamers call it a simulator. Maybe if you want to take short cuts then this is not the app for you!

I am sure people will find short cuts. Start at say LFPG fly for 2 minutes cut out spawn in the Azores. Fly for 2 more minutes. Get bored. Spawn from another airport say 20 miles from intended destination then arrive.




I only think this 'time warp' idea would work if you don't get the XP OR Flight Time for the time you skipped.


or if you are watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show ;)


Or it just doesn't happen at all.


Ok, btw I have already been playing infinite flight live for a year or so but what I'm thinking is that who will sit there for hours with an Ipad, android e.t.c. And yes I get that it will simulate real life which is going to be amazing and I didn't know whether we had to sit there for hours or not. And don't make assumptions that I want to take shortcuts, I was just wondering.