What commercial aircraft will dominate the market in the next decade?


Haven’t heard that? Could you show a source please? I’m intrigued


I found it on YouTube,


I will give you a link later


I do believe Boeing’s amount of launch commitments are indeed a record. But they’ve had very little orders after the launch announcement.


I hope it’s not a boeing aircraft.


Except the 777x. I like that


You can the source for @777-X s information on the Boeing website and yes Emirates plans to order 150


You can also search 777-X on YouTube and watch one of those videos


I personally think that the next Boeing MOM aircraft is going to be the killer. It’s what everyone desperately needs. The 737 Max 10 and a321 neo aren’t going to cut it eventually, regardless of being fantastic aircraft. So whatever it’s going to be called, the 797 or 757 max, that’s the plane that will dominate, or at least start to coming 10 years.


Interesting topic. I think over the next 10-20 years there will be a big change in how commercial flights will be operated. More likely to see the B787 and A350 on the long haul market rather than anything larger as flights will be more point to point rather than large hub operations.


One thing that should be considered is the fact that while Boeing and airbus used to dominate the markets (And still kinda do), they are not being innovative enough. While yes, Boeing does have the 787s to sell, other aircraft makers are making a mark.



As i’ve said before, the results of polls such as this on this forum will always be unreliable. The majority of members will vote for their prefefed fanboy team, Airbus of Boeing, without actually thinking which will dominate the market in the coming years.


Is the 777x actually flying ?


No. Boeing is currently making it.


Speaking of the 777-X, someone should create a feature request for the 777-X so by the time it rolls out, we would be preparing to fly it


But even boeing don’t know its flight characteristics so how will FDS?


No, I mean when it starts it’s first flight Devs will make it. You know it takes forever to get enough votes to get Devs’ attention


@777-X Quite a delusional point sir!

IF is a business no different that larger tycoons such as Microsoft and Apple. They make what the customers want (or technically speaking WILL want). For example, if Apple made a cell-block iPhone, no one would buy it, this leads to lower revenue for Apple. Same for FDS, if they added a plane that no one wanted they wouldn’t get any income which would also decrease revenue. They are watching us, (not in a creepy way) and know what the demand is. If no one wanted Global flight, do you think they would’ve added it? Heck no! But if all of us wanted birds for example, they would’ve much rather added that. They wouldn’t add something that the customers didn’t want…

Thankfully most community members are in for the realism of the game; and not to see their aircraft break into parts after crashing.


The 777X is pretty innovative in my opinion.