We've Passed 50,000 Users!


Wow, that is amazing developed over the year. 100k in one year from now? :o


Great to see the growth of IFC!


just amazing I hope the site grows and grows it is such a wonderful place for all us aviation fans to socialise.


.rubs eyes to make sure i was reading correctly


Seriosuly though 50000 users is MINDBLOWING



Well since this was posted, the site has grown to 50459 users! Almost one hundred more in the last hours


Yes, thank you to the IFC and everyone who has taken a lead in making the community what it is today. A place were we can connect with other IF pilots, learn, teach, share ideas and connect with the FDS team that we appreciate so much. IFC is the heart that makes Infinite Flight so great!


What would really wrinkle your brain is knowing that there are pilots in the sim who are not on the forum. MIND BLOWN!


True. If only they knew what they were missing on the IFC.


Do you know how many people have this sim?


I don’t. That is an FDS only metric.


It has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play alone, and I think most users use Apple. So at least 200,000 people have it!


And those on the forum who don’t have the sim (like 1) wink wink @Air_New_Zealand08 lol.


Congratulations to the entire Infinite Flight team. This only shows how committed administrators, developers, and moderators are in delivering a quality product to their users. With each passing day the IF gets better and more fun to simulate. I love this simulator.
Success The whole IF team !!!


This is so amazing! I never knew that the community would grow this fast!


Amazing!!! Congrats IFC. I want to thank my entire relatives for joining the group LOL 😂😜. And for voting all my favorite features and aircrafts and without them it wouldn’t have been possible for FDS to rework it 😉👍🏼.

See you all in the global skies of Infinite Flight,


Here is an event celebrating this milestone!



Damn. Seems like only a couple months ago we passed 20,000!


Congratulations, Infinite Flight community! Go to more users, 100K/200K of users!


It’s only been 1 month and we already have almost 54000 users! It is incredible how fast we are growing!