We've Passed 50,000 Users!


Really love IFC!
Met some pretty awesome people on here!


Honestly, the community makes up 1/2 of my entire IF experience. I would probably not be here and not still be flying without the IFC. Thanks to all involved who make this happen and congrats on this milestone!


Since I first joined in May 2017 for support and started to come here regularly after the global update, I came to love this place and its people.

Sure I have gone under fire a couple of times and nearly got suspended by @Levet but it’s all a learning process which helped me conduct my real life outside of IFC.

I may have foolishly lost regular but hey, maybe it MIGHT come again. MAYBE!!! (So no guarantees) If I start doing the Regular Requirements again. XD

I throughly enjoy coming here and I love how civilized it can get here.

One more thing: I practice my French here when helping those who post in #support:français so IFC helps a lot in me getting an A in French class.

Thank you to the moderators who helped keep the forum civilized and thanks to everyone who made my stay great!

I have built quite a reputation for myself (KSJC and XD). Maybe I’d be known for more things! Thanks everyone and thanks to Phillipe for making this Discourse forum.

Here’s to another 50,000

Berto (KSJC)(XD)(@Deltabro)


We’ve hit 50,000 users and Seb has still not shaved his beard.

Cheers 🍻


So that’s what all the fireworks outside are for.


You don’t know that. FDS’s revenue is not reflective at all of their profits. The company itself would likely have had high start up costs and total costs throughout each year. Let’s just say they probably make enough to keep developing this app and to live a comfortable life like most people while providing us with a brilliant product.


Also remember to add the 5$ to just buy the game…


I’m just saying they have made a brilliant profit. And remember profit does not have salaries and developing cost taken out.


Yes it does, everything you mentioned is a fixed cost. Profit = Revenue - Fixed Costs


I’ll be honst this us kind of humbling, I mean there are realy a relatively small number of people who reply to most topics, and are seen frequently, I would kinda consuder myself one of them…

On a more numbers based note, but related to my prior post, I became regular this morning, and that means that I am in a group of about 95, wich I felt it was small, but it is so humbling to think that I am in the 95 of 50,000!


Wow that’s amazing who knew we’d be so popular 😏


@schyllberg - I say that you have to cut that beard now… 😉


Wow that is absolutely amazing. I am proud to be a part of an amazing community. And the people that are a part of it are awesome as well!!!


That is awesome! A true Aviation community is getting larger


Wow, looking back, this goes to show how time flies fast. I remember when I joined we had less than 20,000 here on the Forum. Now we’re at 50,000 and growing! I have truly had a great experience here and every day I log in I learn something new.

I have met and spoken to many wonderful and diverse people on here and even made friendships that extend way beyond this Simulator. This show’s how having a passion for Aviation and Flight Sim’s can really unite people and make a large community.

Let’s keep on doing great things, and enjoy our best feature in Infinite Flight, The Community!


Congratulations IFC on 50,000 and above users




Shot guys and especially to the IF team


I’m sorry, what?
Anyway, here’s to the next 50,000 🍻


Nearly bigger then New Plymouth