We've Passed 50,000 Users!


Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce that this last week, the 50,000th user joined the Infinite Flight Community.


We are now the 4th largest Discourse forum, with a total of 55 thousand topics, 2 million posts, and 2.2 million likes since this forum was established in April, 2015. In the past month, 2.7 thousand users have joined and we have created 1.2 thousand topics, 61 thousand posts, and 56.3 thousand likes. Our community has literally doubled it’s size this past year, as we only had 20,000 users at the beginning of 2017!

I would like to thank Flying Development Studio for running this community, our amazing moderaters for managing it, and everyone else for contributing and making this a fantastic place to discuss Infinite Flight and avaition. This forum wouldn’t be what it is today without you guys! Here’s to the next 50,000 users🥂

[Closed] Plane & Pilot: 50,000 IFC Users Celebration @ KOAK - 141700ZJUL18

I never knew the IFC grew that fast it is amazing! Congrats to the IF team!


Holy smokes that’s a lot of people! 😨


Does that include suspended users? 🤔

Just curious.


Daang Wow!
Let’s hope IFC keeps growing and growing!


There is one way to find out…


PM a mod and ask them? 😂


wait what? On a serious note, that is amazing!! Thank you mods and FDS staff for making it possible for all of us to have this amazing community to meet other amazing members who share the same passion as us!


I think it is the total amount of users to join, suspended or not.


If you do the math, that means IF made a lot of money. Congrats to them!


If everyone on the IFC bought a live pro subscription for one year, it would total up to nearly 4,000,000 US dollars!!!


YEARLY* 4m US dollars


Nope I’m about to get a yearly.


Then each subscription would cost less, and only people who bought monthly continuously throughout the year would contribute to the 4m dollars



To be honest though 50.000 users doesn’t sound too much…


Congrats to FDS Team!!!


Infinite Flight even has a promoting quote on discource’s customer examples page!

Philippe also said on the customer testimonials page:
“Our Discourse forum is the epicenter of our community. We have been active on social media (facebook, twitter, etc) for a few years and as our community grew significantly, we realized we needed a more flexible medium to engage with our users.


Congrats to this new milestone! Here’s to more users!


Remember not everyone who has bought IF has an IFC account


just read the whole sentence