[WEBSITE UPDATES]The Official ‘Design Your Own Airline Or Repaint 2’ Fictional Airline Database


Updated my reply with numbers of aircraft in fleet


I guess u saw the question mark with the numbers on the website! 😂

Jeez where did u get 28 A318s from? Did u order them wen they were still in production cuz there were only 80 in real life. So 108 in fictional world? @Jake_Savage


Well it is fictional


So 108 in fictional world? @Jake_Savage


well yeah but i dont operate all 108 A318’s xD


So where are some of them @Jake_Savage


im not sure what your asking


Like if u don’t operate ALL of them then we’re are some of them @Jake_Savage


I have 27 A318’s


Who operates them


Jet UK operates 15, JetUK Asia operates 12


Well… would you mind Praetex Air buying 5 from JetUK? PM me for the deal @Jake_Savage


Jet UK sells 6 A318’s to Praetex air for a rumoured $378,000,000. JetUK has added 5 Airbus A220-100’s to its fleet using the sales money.


@ThePraetorian don’t add Darpan_S’s FA,because of an unknown reason.


Sorry what? Does he not want it to be on there


I see u changed ur mind! Sorry if I came across as rude yesterday I was tired and didn’t know or care about what you were saying. I misunderstood. Wen I update the website later I’ll add u


Because he wants to control the website. The thread,he can’t do anything until he’s a regular.
Quote from a PM.


Pm me and explain pls I’m confused


No it was my fault not yours but yeah I did change my mind.


@JAYLAF747 and others if you want to help out with the website pm me with your google account! I’m Currently Updating the website! There are currently 4 airlines logged!