WebJet 737-800


We Brazilians are very happy and proud to see the great representation that our beautiful aircraft in the infinite flight, and with Webjet, will be even better!


We Brazilians are very happy with the diversity of liverys that we have of Brazilian companies, but we can not let pass this beauty of aircraft and livery


I always found this painting beautiful! 😍


This is a very beautiful livery for Infinite Flight, and this is very memorable airline in Brazil and is a good request.


I think it would be a unique experience, for us that simulates in IF, to have back to WebJet, given its importance for Brazilian aviation.
May developers look at this suggestion with affection.


Really would be a unique experience, few people know that this company existed, unfortunately the webjet lived 2 years if not mistaken.


Already have 20 votes in this painting?


awesome how fast the vows rose


A really beautiful livery! I cannot wait to have it in the IF!


This is AMAZING!!! Keep up the votes. Hope to see this in the sim soon!


Yes i so excited with this livery, i hope see in the sim very soon! Thank you for your suport!


ansioso para que aprovem essa libre!


Please, every comment in the community has to be in English.


Very beautiful painting, what a pity that I can not vote because my vote has ended, I hope it is in the next update


One of the best and most beautiful airline, I look forward to this Livery in the IF!!


The Webjet livery for 738! Let’s go guys! Share with your friends!


In Brazil we are all Webjet!


Webjet fleet, all 737 parked. 😍
Credits = nostalgia_Airlanes


Webjet will be low cost low fare preferred by Brazilians in Infinite Flight!!


Yes, low operating cost and many routes rsrs