Watch FlightCast Live in Atlanta (In case you missed it)!


I thought there was supposed to be another podcast for FlightCast members to view after the youtube livestream?

I can’t find it…


So does that mean I won’t be able to fly from Singapore to Sri Lanka for example when Global is out?


It’s only for Captain members and Jason told me he’s still editing it! c:


No, you will be able to if you have Infinite Flight Pro. However, if you do not, you will access to all the other regions, except for Singapore.


Yeah I’ve got captain membership and couldn’t find it. He said he was going to upload it later that day. Didn’t happen though. I hope it’s added soon. I’m keen to listen…


Ah I see. That’s cool. Why’d they remove it for non-Pro users? Couldn’t find good imagery?


Yup. Nailed it right there.


Sweet, thanks man :D. Have a great day!


My first FlightCast experience, but it was absolutely amazing. Had me stuck on my screen for the full hour and a half! Keep up the good work and can’t wait for the next one.

+ you really had me at the “meth” part


Will the app cost be the same?


That is correct, we couldn’t find good imagery at this point so we preferred not to confuse new (non-pro) users. If you have an Infinite Flight Pro subscription you will absolutely be able to fly from Singapore to Sri Lanka, only a portion of your flight will have HD imagery though.


I am literally bubbling over with excitement! I’ve waited for a long time, not nearly as long as many here, but a long time still. Myself and my airline are waiting with baited breath. Let’s rock the global simulator world 😎✈️


As long as it got the point across I’m fine with it. Too busy to fix it.


Actually, I just watched it again. I think it must be your player. Worked okay for me.


Uh, ok then ☺️ Thanks


Thank you for the clarification Philippe :)


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