vRYR- Closed


Much appreciated, glad to have you onboard!


Now this is amazing 😂 good luck


Yeah they did it good though


Thanks for the kind words :)


Best of luck from everyone here at ACVA!


I’m so happy to finally see thing VA going live! Assisting in the effort to get vRYR off the ground has been an enjoyable experience, and now bringing it to all of you makes it even better. From the beginning, vRYR has focused on realism and professionalism in all aspects of operation. One of these features if our EFB, or Electronic Flight Bag. We took the actual data from the Boeing 737-800 and Ryanair to develop a functional EFB. This allows pilots the ability to accurately calculate V-speeds for the flight based on temperature, wind conditions, weight and other factors. With this information, pilots are better suited to fly the 737-800 accurately and in a way which mimics the real world operations of Ryanair. Below is an attached screenshot, showing the level of realism we strive for at vRYR. This, and many other features are some of the reasons why vRYR is your next virtual airline.

I look forward to accepting your applications!
Jordan W,
Director of Operations



From the looks of your website, you’ll be flying better than the actual Ryanair in no time ;)


Thanks, See you in the sky’s :)


Nice VA. How many pilots have you guys got!


Thats a well gaurded secret at the moment, rome wasn’t built in a day, when the fluctuations settle to a steady number we’ll let you know ;)


All the best! I can’t wait to see the landing competitions here :D “Burn the Bread 2018”! Just kidding ;) I like the idea of block time. Your EFB looks outstanding! Way to go!


All right, well best of luck to you guys!


Our official instagram page is now up. Make sure to follow our pilots as they share some of their pictures on their contrail duties😂.


It’s a beautiful day at vRYR! Come join us on one of our 5,000+ routes!


Say I have just joined the va it is extremely realistic everyone is so friendly. I’m proud to be apart of such a great VA.


Discover your Irish Pride with vRYR Today!


Our first event was a great success thank you to everyone that attended!
If your thinking about a virtual airline career, then look no further than vRYR,
The most authentic experience in the skies!



Tired of the same old virtual airline with the boring slack and boring “crewcentre”?
Try something new with vRYR Offering an industry first EFB and an experience tailored by real world pilots. Join Today!


The website and the pilot application form are outstanding. What brought to my attention was the TOC. Very thought out and planned. I can see where the commitment comes into play when choosing the right pilots. The Virtual Airline is sure living up to its designations and standards. Great Job!


Thanks for the Kind words, see you in the skies!