Virtual Airlines Logo/Brand


Hey Guys :)

If anyone wants a logo or brand made for their virtual airline I will try and make it. I’m not promising anything just want a challenge to improve my skills on different software. I can base it off other airlines logos or brand fonts you may like!

Thank You,



@Jack_Mundy Hi Fly?


@dasabel100 air France virtual


Well it’s kind of merged into Hi Fly now…


Can you show some previous works you made?


CityHopper IF, small airline major carribean operator


Talk about a dream job.


Can you make one for hopper airways? I already know what I want it to look like I just don’t know how to do it.


I’m not trying to get recognition! I just want to test my skills :)


Can you test your skills on the hopper airways logo?


If you really want to test your skill you can show your livery designing on my Repaint page.

If you show nice liveries than you can be classified as a Livery Designer


Hey! Can you do me a logo for the VA World Cup? Not sure if it’ll be used, but can you give it a shot?