Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800


Yes indeed it would be!


I guess it confirmed


We all can finally do routes we been wanting to do forever 😭😭


nice livery… but i’m out of votes :(


One more vote, one vote less … one way or another, I believe this livery will be in the IF soon; even because it is a well-voted topic, that is, a well-ordered livery.


This makes me so excited! Finally a domestic aircraft for the second biggest airline in Australia.


Great. Wasting my 50 dollars just because of this Aircraft, see ya in there!


Told you, I would buy Infinite flight again if this came out,


Oh my lord, I’ve been waiting so long! Keen as 😍


Virgin Australia 737 + Wingflex = 😍


Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the hype is real!

I suppose I shouldn’t get to hyped though


Just because i’m hyped, ill put this photo i took on


Virgin have only operated the E190


Finally! I cannot wait!


lol I kinda forgot which kind they operated, that looked the same


Did we get confirmation of wingflex on 737?


Yes it was confirmed


Can you post a link or picture of the confirmation, I would love to see it


Sorry, but when did we get that confirmation?


It was in a live stream that Laura did when she was looking for parking at Oskosh 2018 and a WIP (Work in Progress) post on Instagram that showed the Split Scimitar Winglets.