Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800


Would really like this, as there is only a 777 of them.


Going to bump this back up, because this is a fantastic livery and if it’s added it will add more options for us to fly around Australia. :)


Couldn’t agree more 🙃


Need this right now…


I see this all the time at YSCB. It would be fantastic to have this in the simulator!


Not only do we need it for flying in Australia i think the livery also just looks sweet on the next 737-800. It would be amazing to see it added soon.


This is needs to be added. They have the 777 yet not this.


Definitely a livery the developers need to prioritise


So here is what I’m gonna say.
I’ll get another IF Subscription if this livery gets added.



I’m not quite that desperate. lol.

But I’m getting there.


Virgin Australia serves all these destinations JUST from Brisbane with their 737-800!

Adelaide, Apia-Faleolo, Auckland, Cairns, Canberra, Christchurch, Darwin, Denpasar, Dunedin, Hamilton Island, Hobart, Honiara, Launceston, Mackay, Melbourne–Tullamarine, Nadi, Newcastle, Perth, Port Moresby, Port Vila, Proserpine, Queenstown, Rockhampton, Sydney, Townsville, Wellington


Nice livery, voted! I Hope see together with the B738 Webjet!


I really like it besides it’s a nice livery


Dude this needs to get added,
come on people. vote vote vote!


I have hope for this beauty…


It would be nice to see the Aussie livery’s get some attention


The 737 will be getting a slight rework… i will cry if it does get added


Along with the 737, we should also get the Embraer 195 as well, the more liveries on planes the better!




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