Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800


I suppose we won’t know. The liveries that are being added had very high demand. If I remember the Qantas 737 had almost 100 votes if not more. However if it was added it would be very cool for Australian routes.


I know there are hardly any Australian domestic liveries
You’re either using a really small plane or a really big plane to get places around Australia


This livery would be a great addition to infinite flight! 👍


Hmmmmmmm Dreaming…


I want this soooo much. Especially with the Qantas 738 being added.


She’s a beauty! Would be great to have.


We now have as many votes as the old Virgin Australia 737-800 topic had, pat on the back for everyone who voted.


I’d really like to see this and many other Australian liveries added to the game 🙂


There are many suggestions of liveries in this community that deserve a place in the IF, and that’s one. I hope to see this aircraft soon.


This is way overdue- we need it. I can’t stand only having Qantas other than the 777-300


I agree, especially that Virgin Australia 737-800 makes up for the most planes in their fleet.


I love this livery, I saw a few of them when I was in the tower at YBCG (Gold Coast airport).

(It’s in the background)


Wow do you work for ATC in Gold Coast?


No I wish, I got to go up there on a trip with Australian Air League (cadets).


It really looks spectacular when the weather is just right and with the mood lighting


We definitely need this!


Look at this weeks ATC, Monday and Tuesday are all in Australia. Would love to see the Virgin Aus added, The amount of routes I could do with it. WOW, hope it gets added soon 👌


True that, you could do the following routes from the featured airports:

Hobart to Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

Melbourne to Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Christchurch, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hamilton Island, Hobart, Hong Kong, Kalgoorlie–Boulder, Launceston, Los Angeles, Mildura, Nadi, Newcastle, Perth, Queenstown (beings 28 October 2018), Singapore, Sunshine Coast, Sydney

Alice Springs to Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane (begins 19 June 2018)

Darwin to Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney


Hopefully this will be in IF because of all the new routes they are opening between NZ and AUS!!!


Whoop! 40 Votes! Cmon lets get this into IF!