Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800


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Info about Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd, formerly Virgin Blue Airlines, is Australia’s second-largest airline after Qantas and it is the largest airline by fleet size to use the Virgin brand. Now based in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, the airline was co-founded by British businessman Richard Branson, the founder of parent Virgin Group and former Virgin Blue CEO Brett Godfrey. It was established in November 1999 with two aircraft operating on a single route, and suddenly found itself catapulted to the position of Australia’s second airline after the collapse of Ansett Australia in September 2001. The airline has grown to directly serve 29 cities in Australia from hubs in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, using a fleet of narrow-body Boeing 737 jets; and Airbus and Boeing widebody jets.

I’m sure me and many other Aussies would want this in IF, so please vote

Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800
Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800

Great livery! We have a lack of Aussie liveries, so this is much needed!


This is an abseloute must, and if that 737 rework ever comes around, I hope that this would be up there for consideration


This livery would be nice to have we only have one virgin Australia aircraft livery


I love how simple, but still beautiful this livery is. The “Virgin Australia” on the side of the plane has got to be the most beautiful font 😂


Dammit I closed it so I could redo the topic! Oh well, nice request at least! Got my vote.


Really needed in IF. Lovely Livery. How it’s a added soon.


Would love to see this and the Qantas livery on 737.


Beautiful. Voted. I love flying Business with VOZ. Always a welcoming and comfortable flight with them.


A beautiful aircraft; serves some beautiful routes, would be nice to have :)


This is needed, as I dispise Qantas in comparison with Virgin, but Virgin has no domestic liveries in IF


Definitely a nice Australian livery to accompany the Qantas 737 coming in the future! You’ve got my vote! 👌


Got my vote too! This, along with a 737 rework, would be a nice addiction. :)


This was easy to vote for, such a beautiful livery!


If we can learn anything from the Qantas 737, it’s this

Don’t expect it though, the Qantas 737 was a one off due to the high demand. You’re not likely to get it till a 737 rework in a year or somethin


Amazing livery and it serves good routes. Got my vote! Would be a great addition to the fleet.


Voted for this! This is my favorite airline and would love to fly it in IF.


Since the Qantas B738 was confirmed in the IF hangar in the next update, they could enjoy the heat of emotion and insert the Virgin Australia B738 too, right? 😁


Yeah! Well it’s not that hard to do… right?..😋


It’s not as easy as it sounds but they are adding plenty of other liveries with the update to so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be added…