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The Offical Virgin America VA Thread

26 Meet Virgin America Virtual

Opening in January of 2018, Virgin America Virtual has been proud to serve our main hub San Francisco as well as most all of the U.S and some in Mexico. We’re committed to not only providing quality products for our pilots but also amazing flying abilities of all of our pilots, but going above and beyond to ensure our customers and pilots are completely satisfied. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer. anywhere on the page.

26 The Virgin America Promise

Our promise is something very special at our VA. We promise all of out pilots a friendly and special place to work. Our staff and other pilots our very active and ready to help at all times. We are an American Tradition Virtual Airline and thats why all of our planes have an American flag on it. So we hope ypu enjoy our VA because we care about our pilots and customers because we but there ideas first.


26 Our Amenties

Here at Virgin America we have some new updates and cool amenties for our pilots. Our Website is a new website with everything someone wanting to join or someone in the VA will need as an IF pilot. We offer a new crew center as well as an active slack. The crew center is for pilots only so signing up today gives you access to the super cool amentie of being one of our pilots.

26 Operations

Our operations are huge at Virgin America Virtual as we offer over 100s of routes that span over Mexico, Mainland U.S, and Hawaii.
We also offer charters for our pilots which are for the sports and executives that we have partnerships with. We carry in the same routes we do just maybe from one destination to another. Our route map gives us over 100s of flights to fly in the VA.

26 Our Amazing Staff

CEO- @Trevor_Austin
COO- @Velocity23
Chief Pilot- @Knellered
Fleet Manager- @Captain_Millz
HR Manager- @Plane-Train-TV
Event Manager- @SpeedPlayz

If you think a staff postion would fit into our VA and your a good fit for that role please me PM @Trevor_Austin We our open to staff that would like to apply and will happily have you come into our team if we think you fit.

26 Apply Now!

Apply now to be part of this awesome VA as we grow and become great. We want to Thank You for taking time to look at our thread if you have any questions please PM any staff member or email us at
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[TEST EVENT] Virgin America Virtual Presents : Towards South-West America We Go! | @ KPDX - 260000ZAAA18
[CLOSED] Virgin America Virtual Presents - Back in Business @ KSFO 012300ZSEP18
[COMPLETED] Around the World with The Virgin Virtual Group #1 @ KLAX - 222300ZSEP18

If you did apply as we were on a quick break. We ask that you please reapply .
Thank you
Trevor VXV CEO


Just applied! Excited to have you guys back!


Great to see you guys back on IFC! Best of luck and good looking thread!


Is Virgin Virgin intentional?


Thank you. Were happy to be back. We got a lot of new stuff coming


No, thanks for noticing that😂


Great to see we’re back!


New staffing announcement

@Plane-Train-TV will be our new HR Manager.
Hey can answer any questions you have

VXV Staff Team


Thank you. If anyone has any questions or comments just ask in the comments or PM me. I would be more that happy to help you. Thank you again,



[IMPORTANT] New Application Form

Our application form can now be found at


Good luck guys!! Great to have you back!!


New Event is Up!

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Just a question, isn’t there already an Alaskan/Virgin America Group?


No, Alaskan VA and Virgin America VA are two sepreate VAs. Although we do have codeshares


You sure?


Well were different from them so idk what to say


Alright, no problem. You could look to partner with them if you wish


We are currently not looking to. In the future it may be an option.


You want to join us now. We got a little sneak peek into a whole new IF world just for our pilots. We would love to have you. Apply right here
Apply right here