Views from the plane window


on the ground in Bridgetown. The view is not as emphasized but you can see the Condor 767 plus, cockpit!!! Don’t ask why I am making a fist


There are perks to having a delayed flight, namely now taking off at sunset and getting nice shots of the sun!

AirAsia A320 out of WMKK.


Some of my many Adventures on the Air New Zealand domestic A320





Alaska 321
Boeing 737-990
Unaccompanied minor


Heading back home to Aspen.


This is out the window at Dulles in Virginia.



Sunset over the Pacific onboard a Hawaiian 767

From the same flight earlier at the gate in Kahului (PHOG)


at kden heading out to krno.

picture was from February


Flying over fires in Oregon/Idaho last September from PDX to Kansas City.



departing from Dublin to Santiago


In an Airbus A319/20/21?


In a Airbus A320 :))


Oh right, you mean Tenerife?


Santiago Spain the pilgrimidge


Paris, France? I think it’s somewhere in Europe


No, it is Pittsburgh, first picture the airport, second downtown…


The departure out of Sydney was absolutely stunning! The Circular Quay area and the Sydney skyline looks sooo nice from above.