US Airways Airbus A321


I would love to see this livery back on the a321. This was one of my favorite liveries prior to the a320 family being added/redone. It would be nice to see some more US liveries on the a321. :)


Surprised me that this wasn’t a duplicate. It is a great livery. Sad that AA completely suppressed the brand after the merger.


I know, right? I looked it up and I found no others! Anyways, this is an amzing livery, would love to see it added! :)


this livery used to be in the game. I want it back, it was weird that it was removed in the first place.


I love it! I used to fly on these 2 times a month until the merger between PHX-PDX. Now AA replaced it with a 737-800…I miss flying on the A321.